Home Sweet Home

A near 4months stay at hospital, we thought that my hubby would just pass on in there but we made it out. 

Home TPN has been conducted smoothly and only with twice troubleshooting needed. Luckily we trained well. 

Just few days before discharging, the pain at stomach had intensified so doctor started pain management for my hubby. Fentanyl at 12 mg for a period of 3days. Topping up with some morphine sulfate if needed. 

Just on the third home day, my hubby vomited out the juice and stuff he had from noon until middle of night. Nothing came out from the PEG (gastric juice) drainage. Just I thought we might need to head back to hospital, the PEG started to drain very black juice and my hubby stomach had loosen and relieved so much. The black juice was just like the herb juice he took 1-2weeks ago. We seriously think that the intestine pathway has been closing up so much until the water too get blocked up. The abscess drainage too has nothing come out since 1-2weeks ago. 

However, my hubby felt so much better aft vomited out those water. 

We then proceeded our appointment with TCM oncology doctor. We talked about my hubby back pain. He advise that we could try on acupuncture within the center. It is a gov subsidies TCM center which charged relatively low fees. The physician tackled points at his hand (release back pain) and leg (stomach). He felt the urge of passing motion after 15mins which means the intestine had moving. The physician then stopped and asked to come 2-3days later. 

After acupuncture, he slept better and backpain had relieved a little. So we went tmr again. The physician then targeted at different points and lightly heated up the acupuncture area. 

He felt even better after the second sessions. We went to shopping for some groceries too.

That night, the abscess drainage started to flow again! But with more fluid being drained out. We saw a bit red color and wondered anything happened inside. So we monitored his heart rate and other vital sign for bleeding and infection. 

So far better!

We enjoyed lots days with the boys and so much love and fun for the time spent together. I am contented and feel peaceful. No matter how much time we had, I had the best already. Thanks Buddha.