Books – About cancer

Cancer – this word had listed top in my Google search.

I went to library to do more reading. Knowing cancer had became crucial in my hubby’s treatment prognosis. Understand the cancer better is very important for future planning and decision making.

I managed to borrow these 2books which was very interesting to read.

Dr Tom Wu – Raw vege fruits diet that saved him from Lung cancer which diagnosed as terminal. YouTube and Google did has a lot of his sharing and other people’s review.

Dr Kyoto Sen – Who shared bluntly how cancer treatment killed the patient and suggested “Let Go Treatment” which might help to prolong cancer patient’s life. How big pharma companies control and manipulate the surgeon that tied with big profit.

I think God had led me to another approach. Natural healing instead of conventional treatment.

There are tons of sharing online who proved that chemotherapy didn’t work for many cancer patients and how unnecessary surgery had taken life.

I discussed with hubby and we made a decision. We had the common thinking in our mind.


The Mother of All Surgery

The big day that we anticipated had arrived.

I reached at hospital super early and watched my hubby went in to the operating theatre.

A night before I was still asking myself, should I ask him – where is our safe’s key, I forgotten.. What’s your email password and bank card pin? I didn’t ask eventually. I guessed that was silly. Haha!!

A long long wait.. I had a few moment which I felt fear and hopeless. I imagined for bad things.  I tried to figure out life after surgery. From 830am…. Til 1020pm.. Whoever called me during this period was scolded by me, my phone was only for Doctor’s call. I was exhausted but pleased to know at least he was doing the debulking and possible HIPEC.

1023pm, I was munching some bread while waiting. Phone rang and call from Dr C. I was so nervous that could not hear her correctly but overall the surgery was successfully removed the tumours and no visible tumours around other parts of body. He lost a lot of blood and thus will be in ICU for few days but typically patient with debulking surgery would send for ICU for 1-2days monitoring. Big relieve!! Thank God for everything.

Thank you!