Food for Leaky Gut

My hubby is still trying to gain weight. He could lose weight easily in a few days time for 1 to 2kgs. I noticed that his stomach is somehow growling quite vigorously, I am wondering how to tell that this condition is good or bad. I searched and read but could not find an answer.

His diet is still porridge and we noticed that he could not tolerate some grain either. Like millet. He is still feeling bloated sometimes after meals. I am wondering, if porridge also could not tolerate, what else he could eat? Is he at terminal stage to my horror? I tried not to think about it but it is uneasy by looking at his condition.

I think something has to do with the GI tract. I read more about leaking gut syndrome. I found a link as below that explained how his hospitalization days that injected lots of antibiotics and TPN feeding which bypassing the GI tract had caused him a much more serious problem, gut inflammation.

My hubby’s condition is rather similar to the gut inflammation that explained in the link.

I once read about a breast cancer patient who miracle healed from her terminal cancer via juicing as all conventional treatment failed on her. She died 10years later due to infection at her jaw, not only that she had parasite growth as well as mercury and iron toxication. The iron toxication was because her continuous blood transfusion during her bone narrow transplant procedure for 50days in ICU. I think the conventional cancer treatment that caused serious gut inflammation will eventually lead us to incurable stage that explained in the link too.

Further to the leaky gut searching, I read about something to my surprise about probiotic and grain.  Not all grains is safe for a leaky gut person.

Brown rice, millet and etc has the phytic acid, an anti nutrient property. It will bind with metal such as iron, magnesium that explained that vegan diet people has potential anemia problem. Well, my hubby has insufficient of iron! But after several reading, it is such a dilemma as phytic acid could be anti cancer agent too! There are studies showed that vegan diet could inhibit tumor growth too.

So well, what a new thing to know about.

So I changed the porridge from millet/brown rice to long grain white rice/quinoa. I think my hubby could tolerate it better then. I have tons of question now to ask my functional medicine doctor. I am eagerly wanted to knw my hubby’s gut health and the correct supplementation.

He has lots of gas passing and stomach growling but the gas odor is getting better. I hope that his gut is healing and of course, he is able to move around but needed a lot of rest still.

My biggest query, I heard some of the colon cancer patient has bloatedness issue, but why there is no help neither discussion about it? We thought that we might be unique as we did stoma reversal. But it should not be as chemotheraphy too caused the leaky gut problem.

Or again, it is a common issue to oncologist that we could only bear with it?



Interesting Fortune Telling 

A culture, a family tradition or a must do thing for a major matter happened or to be happened for most of the Chinese, is fortune telling. 

I did the 八字 calculation for my kids when they were born. The Shifu (master) will guide us about the kid’s nature and things to be careful for the kids well being. It is stuff like my eldest had to be careful on the road during 1-6yrs old time while my 2nd boy had to be careful during water related activities before 3yrs old. Indeed my youngest is quite fascinating about water. Anything has water attracts him deeply. 

Well, my hubby will be going for some trips by his own. We thought to be safe to ask for stuff to take care of rather to cope with uncertainties. 

The master explained to me further, more than just about the trip. Well we did not tell him but he already “calculated”. Sometimes, fortune telling can be quite accurate in terms of future stuff. Oh my.. Well people might be skeptical saying who does not go oversea, it is so predictable. 

Anyway, my hubby did not go with me during the meeting with Master for the reason we wanted to hear more about true stuff. Explaining to others is easier than to the person. 

He said: Your hubby “before life” was a person who held money in a very selfish way. He had little money but did not spend on family neither charity. He did not do so when he had a lot of money. At the end he died with lots of money saved in the bank. So coming to this life, he had no “good people” or “mentor” to help him neither people favours him. In Chinese Saying, a good fate person has a lot of good teacher, mentor, people who helps him along the way that will bring him success in life. So my hubby had bad fortune or spirits that regulates his money, judging from whether he is generous enough for families or charities. It was true enough that my hubby had always used up his saving when he got some by many channels that upset him a lot.

During end of 2015, it is year of Goat (wood). Wood goat is famous of its kindness to people and family. So it cannot withstand my hubby who also born from year of Goat but someone who was so stingy or ungrateful one. It has to punish him or to say to end his life. Well it almost ended him. So master said, he could survive is totally rely on the past good deed he done. 

So coming to 2016, he is getting better as the year of monkey has giving him new chances. He has to change, better treating wife & son, be a more filial son & contribute more to the society. He is best to be penniless as using all of his money in returning all the good deed. The money that saved by him won’t be accumulated, it will be used to treating illnesses or something bad. It is better to spend on accumulating his good deed. Stop receiving and start giving. 

Should he able to change, he will be able to survive until he is 45yrs old. His fate judgement will be due again. After the judgement, he will be either dead because of sickness as not enough good deed or he will be returned with all fortunes including his before life which means he will be successful. 

It was interesting when master said, he better has some installment for expenditure of family or kids as it will keep him alive, I mean not dying from the sickness. Haha.. Lucky he had one installment which is yet cleared. It is my kid’s studying material. Master advised too he is better to be thrifty for himself and generous for others. 

So after all, it was fun to listen to the explaining. We thought many points are true. As a Buddhist, we had to accumulate more good deed in this life be it for ourself or next karma. We have a saying goes :”To know our before life, we look at our present life. To know future life, we look at what we do in present life.”

OK, I think our cancer fighting days has slowly changed. Perhaps changing our focus will help his condition too. Setting goal, to contribute, to give & to chant more. 

Food & herb medicine 

Let’s choose food to be our medicine. 

After the good diagnosis from our Chinese Physician, I guess we managed my hubby’s stage IV appendix cancer in desirable way. Not to aim big for Ned (no evidence of disease) but able to conduct daily life with good spirit & strength level. Of course we want to improve it. But stability is the key for we do not want to further agitate our body’s peace. 

So below I would like to share for his daily “food” & herb.  

0600 – 2 x probiotic, 2 x Liposoma Vit C 

0630 – Vita Cleanse (premium grade psyllium husk, onion, dandelion root, Spirulina, plantago, endosperm, embryo & clove) x 2 scoops 8oz, followed by 8oz of distilled water plus some apple cider vinegar with Vita tab (rosemary, chickweed, cloves, plantain, Irish moss & corn silk extract) 

0700-0730 Digestive Enzyme x 1, breakfast

0900 – TCM herb medicine

1000 – Greens+ Vegan protein powder 1 & scoops 20g protein

1030 – Coffee enema

1200-1230 – Digestive Enzyme x 1, Lunch

1500 – Snacks (Nut butter, rice cracker, banana) 

1600 – Vita cleanse x 2scoops followed by 8oz distilled water plus apple cider vinegar with Vita tab

1800 – Digestive Enzyme x 1, dinner

1900 – TCM herb medine

2000 – 2100 Vegan Protein powder

2200 – 2x probiotic, Sleep

Meal : Grain (brown rice, millet, black sweet rice, Oat, buckwheat, sorghum, coicis semea & red lentil) in soup, porridge, stew, puree form. 

Vegetables : Pumpkin, Patato, spinach, carrot & others in season. Also added to the multi grain in puree form. 

Fruits : Avocado & little banana or apple

Snacks : Almond, walnut, cashew, pumpkin seed & etc

Daily must do activities : Walking under sun 20-30mins for several session a day & chiropractic session 3 times a week

The Vita Cleanse & vita tab is a debunking programme to promote overall wellness which required to take for 5-6months depending on individual. 

We had tried this way of diet since end July. We could see that he managed himself better emotionally & physically. Although he had some hiccup when we dine out, he threw out all the food and constantly feeling nausea for the whole day. I tried on peppermint & lemon essential oil to rub on his body, he actually felt better. But overall, we think that he will definitely improve and say No NO NO to outside food. 

But having said so, I got other terminal cancer friends who are still having 80% dine out without any problem. Yes her tumour are still there but everything like well balance. That’s good for her but maybe not to my hubby. 

To friends who are keen on Ensure milk like those dietician at hospital, please read this. You may not agree, but even Chinese Traditional Medicine is against it by how it further burdened the weaken body system. Not sure whether it caused recurrence. 

“I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal” – Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth About Ensure Nutrition Drinks

So until next time. See ya. 

Back pain & Irritable Bowel Syndrome  

As a side effect from the major surgery, my hubby’s back pain issue is on & off disturbing his sleep quality, so we went to see Chiropractic Doctor. After X ray and diagnosis, we realized that his spine has slanted at few points and his lower S of spine is getting too straight, termed as mild lumbar scoliosis.

The cause of his spine issue is mainly due to huge loss of stomach muscle after surgery that our body had no choice to putting more pressure to his back spine. His poor body posture also affecting the spine at those pointed area. The Chiropractic doctor advised him for spine adjustment at primary stage of treatment but later part, he needs to build up more muscle to support his back. He had a lot of relieve after the first adjustment. We enjoyed lots during the cracking. Ha! I am thinking of those friends who underwent major abdominal operation should have the same problem but I really seldom read about the chiropractic treatment they might thought of or they rather taking paracetamol or checking for spine tumour perhaps?! Because every pain to oncologist is recurrence!!

Secondly, a bad side effect from surgery and cancer treatment is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The origin cause of this disease is leaking gut that many naturopathy doctors are talking about. I guess we found our way to tackle this issue and we would like to share with fellow cancer friends. First, his symptoms of leaking gut is bloatedness, wind, poor digestion and we suspect that his body is not absorbing nutrients very well too. If he ate something not right, eating too fast, his bloatedness will make him vomit eventually. He has diarrhea issues ever since his ileostomy reversal. So end up both situation could named IBS. 

We mentioned to doctor before for his condition. Doctor told us we actually has to bear with it and hoping for it to get better. I read many forums that people who tried all sorts of medicine could not really get it solved. The constant diarrhea & eating problems has really weaken the body in many ways, death is probably the end stage. Again, all these issues to oncologist is exactly recurrence for tumour cell that growing very fast has weaken up the body to death.

I was thinking that way, couple of weeks ago. Sadly.. Devastating… Until yesterday when we met his aunt & our Chinese Physician for TCM follow up visit.

We visited his aunt to understand better of his condition and what to do next. She had experience with cancer patients who suffered from this chronic IBD. She explained that the toxicity in the intestine (long accumulated & worsen after surgery) made the environment suitable for bad bacteria, virus, even parasite to grow. Our body immunity that weaken is unable to get the environment right. Thus we had to be very careful for food we eat by ensuring  1) easier digestion 2) nutrient dense (not Ensure milk) 3) Get rid the bad bacteria, by these 3 important points will definitely make our intestine feel better.

I think what she said is making a point. My hubby could not digest well so porridge & soft kind of baby food had no issue for him. He took the Vita Cleanse that I shared earlier consists of psyllium husk, onion, dandelion root, Spirulina, plantago, cloves & etc that helped in intestinal debunking really made him felt better. He had less gas with harden stool, less toilet trip and he gained more strength after 2weeks time. His intestine environment that changed allowed him to absorb the nutrients better.

His aunt also added another product named Vita tab which consists of rosemary, chickweed, cloves, plantain, Irish moss and corn silk extract to complete the intestine debunking programme together with the Vita Cleanse. We too bought vegan protein powder from Greens + brand to increase his protein intake as he is almost vegetarian now. Fish is only like once a week.

He started coffee enema last week as emphasized by his aunt, everything went well. He had always feeling that body is lighter after the enema. He enjoyed it so far.

So we met with our Chinese Physician too. He comment that my hubby health is getting better from his diagnosis. He changed his prescription to improve his sleep & body absorption instead the common cancer remedies. He congratulated us for our efforts. We were so happy & relieved too.

I shall get my hubby’s blood test to testify the good progress but also thinking what’s the point if you are sensitive enough to your own body? What’s the big deal if scientifically proven your cancer growth at other body parts but you are feeling all right? Many non cancer people dying with tumour in the body without knowing it! Our main goal of his cancer treatment is that he can sleep, can eat & can ‘pee’ & can ‘shit’ (Chinese saying) and we will deem it as good already.. Haha..

I am trying to list down his daily supplementation & diet. I will update by next post.