Hi friends, my hubby got healed from intestinal obstruction and discharged today. 

His diagnosis from CT scan is worsening disease with peritoneal nodules. He is advised to have palliative chemotherapy. But still doc advised chemotherapy response will not be as effective as desired. 

His small & big intestine movement has been slowed down by soft tissue formed within the peritoneal cavity. Everything showed metasized stage. 

My hubby asked for how much more time he left, doctor reluctant to advise but eventually “quoted” less than a year if his condition worsen quickly. 

Well, I would say everyone including his parent, my parent, relatives & friends started to panicking offering helps for his last fight, but I feel that they might have given up in the bottom of their heart. 

Myself had too many mixed emotion to handle but I am too keep self questioning about my faith on him. 

The days in hospital, my hubby was in great sorrow knowing that his days are counting. He started to recall all the days ever since he diagnosed with cancer. He had been relied on us to find ways of cure. He was so afraid to accept the fact and not able to face the torture he might endured through chemotherapy. It will not cure, is just an excuse. He started to think of giving up, to stop bringing sorrow to family and friends. He had no reason or why to live on. He could not master the courage to face it. 

I had long ago noticed that he had giving up. He had never release himself. He turned back to the his usual self before cancer. Everyone has tell us that you must have known of why you diagnosed with cancer, accepting it and embrace it. I have a friend in our support group called, she visualized herself in my hubby position and shared that no one would want to live if everyone is sad and pain seeing his condition. She said 2things I need to do. First, check if my hubby has the will & strength to continue live on. Second, if he does, we will try our best to help but if he doesn’t, we need to clear his guilt towards the family and accompany him for the end of his days. She checked on how my condition too. She wanted me to know that my hubby has brought a lot of meaning to my life, but life goes on. 

I talked a lot with my hubby. We enjoyed a lot. We thank for the love for each other. He cried a lot. 

So my hubby intestine was still congested for the first 2-3days and doctor was about to arrange for urgent surgery in another 2days time. 

However, my hubby got sort out his mind aft these sadden days and he finally able to bring himself up for the challenge. He has no more guilt towards family and he wants to live for himself. His dream that been buried all these years emerged in his mind again. He wants to do things that will make him happy. Not making others happy but he himself. 

I was so moved when he told me that he would do whatever things be it chemo or surgery to continue living.  He will have no fear and he is confident that he will succeed the fight. 

He is my hero. Definitely. As after he make up his mind for the challenge, his congestion was relieved. He started to pass motion and felt hungry. His intestine had heard his calling! ! So the surgery was halted. 

He then able to eat and drink. He was so much motivated. I am grateful for everything. 

So we are now trying the raw herb juice that many people had told us to try. We actually secretly consumed the juice at hospital when doctor is not allowed for fluid. But we had no fear now. 

I personally called the uncle who healed his Stage IV lymphoma 8years ago via this plant juice,another friend who had stage 2 rectal cancer but metasized to spine & lymph, got clear out all tumours aft 1mth consumption of the juice 2years ago and another friend who had stage 1 ovary cancer got healed (tumour dissappeared)  after 2weeks of herb juice, she did yearly Scan showed clear after 2years. So I managed to contact the Singapore Local University where their herb Garden provides free herbs. Amazingly, they actually kept track on people who collected their herbs. One success story that they allowed to show was a man got his brain tumour cleared after 3months, the patient provided all his brain Pet scan & liver CT scan. You may observe the decrease activity in the liver & brain. I was so regretful not to check this out earlier, I mean who would believe just plant juice would give such miracle cure? 

地胆头,地胆草Elephantopus s caber L.

爬树龙,中药名。为葡萄科植物菱叶崖爬藤Tetrastigma triphyllum

忧遁草,学名:鳄嘴花Clinacanthus nutans

So, we are not giving up. We would do our best and to continue updating our progress to you guys. 


Expected Terminal? 

Yup, giving my hubby worsen condition at stomach, I urged him to get medical advise at hospital. 

He did a X ray showed congested intestines . He then arranged for urgent CT scan giving his stage IV appendix cancer history. 

So everything has come back. There are tiny tumours in his peritoneal which doc don’t bother to count and some significant one at intestine and bladder, again. Poor bladder. All these buddies pressurized the intestine and kidney. 

But still they are using NG tube to depressurize the whole system and let kidney and intestine to recover. Best scenario, he could start to drink and eat again. Worst, emergency surgery and if surgery failed he might given the terminal diagnosis and sent back home. 

Well, we asked if we did chemo 3mths earlier will the situation be better? Doc said, yes and no. Yes, it might not congested but does not mean the tumour won’t come back. 

Devastating, is not a word enough to describe our feeling. 

I really hate to have to hear from doctor’s diagnosis again. 

But my fellow friends, my hubby is actually getting better after this few days. 

I will update again. 

Food Sensitivity Test – Imu Pro

Just a quick update for my hubby’s 10mths appendix cancer fighting days, he is still having bloatedness after meal and vomited at some occasions. Just after vomit out, he normally feel better and then start to eat again.

Be it SIBO or cancer triggered symptoms, we thought it will be helpful for us to test for food sensitivity in better management of diet.

Not to our surprise, the food sensitivity proved his leaky gut symptoms by releasing Immunoglobulin (antibodies) IGg to many foods intake. But to our surprise, he has very high elevated antibodies for EGG! Not only that, those foods that under highly sensitive category are Gluten, Yeast, EGG & Milk. Also some mild reaction to Cocoa (chocolate), Carrot (Oh No), Zucchini (Are you sure?), Apple (huh!), Honey (OMG)….

Then we checked back to his food diary and we finally realized that his vomiting was actually due to the food intolerance that body triggered flush out of the wrong food. Thats why we were so puzzled why he was like could not tolerate most of the food, because we thought the safe food (safe for cancer patient) is not safe for him. I think the surgery has really changed our body, so much.

So quickly we eliminated all trigger food. His vomiting has stopped but still feeling some bloatedness after some main meal. I think he just could not go for 6meals pattern as he tends to eat more during the 3 main meals that resulted bloating. Could it be the long cut/incision at his tummy? Just I tried to imagine myself, the tightness at the middle of the tummy. I looked at my own slightly protruding tummy, it is typical after eating! Haha..

Also we realized something rather important and we will definitely discuss this with our oncologist. His food diary showed that if he ever took the colon cleansing agent (Vitacleanse powder) that we shared in our last post, he would not vomit even though he ate the trigger food. He had some bloatedness at most. So I think we might get our oncologist to refer us to the GI doctor who could help us out to figure out better.

Well, its time to face the reality too. My hubby’s weight lost has stopped and start to gain weight by 0.5kgs in 2-3days time. We did a lot of mind, spirit & soul searching about how we should be accepting all challenges and embrace it. We want to be a happy person till the day we gone.

We will update for some news. Good luck to us.