Cancer survivor’s heartfelt sharing

My sis added me to her cancer fighter group chat at Wechat.

There are around 100 over friends cancer & non-concer one, Chinese physician who also diagnoses with cancer and cancer survivors.

They shared almost everything and info will be gathered for that individual.

There is one lady who my sis mentioned to me, Maggie who diagnosed with advanced Breast cancer with 3negative. I don’t really study the meaning but I guess it is an aggressive type. She had treatment for 2 years but conditions was not expected and the cancer had spread to her other body parts. Doctor wanted to wait for the worst condition to prescribe chemo to buy time for her. So she stopped the treatment. It has been 6 years passed. She back for checks and those tumours are remained but not growing in size and number.

Doctors and friends was amazed by her condition as cancer has living together with her.

She wrote a sharing which I shared to my hubby. It was a fantastic and ever truth sharing. In Chinese, I will try to translate.

Another sleepless night, as knowing one cancer friend who had died of Metastasis. Not being afraid of such news but felt pain for her/him.

No one can guarantee for the absolute cure for cancer neither giving you a exact prognosis.

Cancer is a study and homework. I pledge that all of you please stop living in fear and loss. Stop finding best chemo drug, and think of cured after chemo or NEA.

There are cases where cancer is spreading even using the latest and best chemo drug.

There are cases where cancer is also Metastasised with strict restriction of diet and exercise.

There are cases where putting the worst preparation and go out live up their life and cancer is GONE!

Everyone is unique with our own values of life. To fight cancer fundamentally must be sincere to your own feeling and body reaction.

Do not follow any medication that treated someone and try blindly be it TCM or reject chemotherapy.

Many times it resulted delay in best treatment timing and there are really a lot of cancer patients who followed blindly.

Fear of cancer? Cancer is a priceless gift? Cancer is not curable? It all lies on how you judge it based on your own faith.

I am very thankful for its arrival. Cancer has greatly multiplied the value of my life.

I don’t even know when I might dying but I know I will do the right things in every single surviving days.


Because of cancer, I realized what is it for life, cherish, true love, trueself, value, fantasy, grateful, understanding, appreciative, contented, present, let-go, sympathy, enlightenment, change perspective, cultivation, accompany, forgive and time… Many more


I gained lots values in life because of cancer and I really earn from it.

I won’t waste my time to be lost and troubled.

I am really grateful that it is going 7 years of my survivor, I have live with cancer in peace.

I have no idea when my cancer would be metastasized but it is no longer important to me because in this 6 years, I have…

Live up my life, my value and my life’s greatest moment.

Giving you to live for 100 yrs old but without knowing the purpose of your life, living in stress and continue karma, it might be worst than me having good 6 years.

If everyone stay cool & positive and eventually you will be determined and cancer will be calm and stopped too. You may have very high chance of few years survivor! Not to being pessimistic, but there are times where ppl are dying in few years time not because of cancer.

Treasure every moment and live it up. Find out the root cause of your fear, accept it & embrace it then you can change it. This should be the best way.

Maggie has been a activist in helping the cancer patient by house visiting and talks. She said she is busier that before cancer day and she often to have her meal outside.

I learnt lots and be it cancer or not cancer, we should cherish every moment and accept ourselves.



From the start of my hubby cancer fighting day, our emotions has been roller-coastering for ups n down and  good & bad one. And the grey one too.

A moment I felt hope and cheer, the next moment I collapsed with sorrow, negativity like losing him and facing death.

For the past 2mths, I buried myself with non stop activities for juicing, herbs brewing, cooking, housework and reading (books & online).

We shared our fear, our hope, our future, our kids and our families. In tears, many times. We love each other very much. I had no idea why we fallen into this situation.

Vulnerability, that I read from a 10years survivor with stage 4 appendix cancer, cancer has made us vulnerable.. Even in her 10years NED, she is leading a normal and fulfilling life, and yet she feels the vulnerability at times.

Vulnerability – I think it is a reminder to us, to live our life to the fullest. No regrets, and cherish our every moment.

We will be meeting our oncologist Apr 13, for the follow up and blood test. We prayed to Buddha and hope a smooth progress. We want to discuss with her for the stoma reversal procedure.

I have been visualized the CEA dropped to 2.0, CA19-9 at 20 and CA125 at 7-8. No need scan, haha! Who knows? Let’s see.



Shen Wu 吴慎 Music Healing

The link above is one of Shen Wu musical healing – Wood tone 木。He has total 7 other tones including Fire 火, Earth 土,Metal 金,Water 水,Sincerity 真情 &Heaven 天音。

This is also recommended by my sister who experience the healing effects like relax better and sleep better.

I got mixed feeling listening to the different type. I felt peace by wood tone. I felt bit of stuffy and complex feeling when listening to the Heaven tone.

The CD does not sell cheap. I got it at SGD 330 for whole series.

But I rather spent for it than chemotherapy that tortured and poison our body.

They have a registered therapist who will do follow up for your after sales service.

Cancer diet, TCM herbal medicine & 郭林气功

My hubby’s ileostomy made his cancer diet a more challenging one.

He needed lots raw n fresh food for his cancer diet but we were hindered by his restriction of fiber intake.

What we could get those lifesaving enzyme is only via fresh vege and fruit juices. During his recovery, I made all sort of juices mixed with seasoned fruits n vege but mainly carrots and apple as based.

Moving to his no improvement in CEA, I cut down fruits for its sugar level and give more vegetables. Combination nowadays will be carrot or beet, green apple, celery, and spinach or red cabbage.

Breakfast to dinner, he normally has egg, bean curd, potato or millet with juices.

He got himself more spirited was when he started the TCM herbal medicine. We went to Thong Chai Chinese medical hall and was prescribed with a 5 days herbal medicine. We went back for check every week. It is already coming to the 3rd weeks.

Another milestone when he felt better was after practising the Guo Lin Qi Gong. I myself tried it and felt more alert (instead of sleepiness) after just a 5mins practise.

I read about Guo Lin. It was invented by Madam Guo Lin who had ovarian cancer and got herself recovered with her invented Qi Gong. She then stepped out and taught million of them throughout the China and SEA. She died in 71 yrs old. Many of them who practised got their cancer into remission, in first or 2nd remission. I felt very much encouraged after reading the sharing.

Buddha, please show us and guide us. We thank for everything.

Rejected Chemotherapy

We were advised by oncologist for the 6months chemotherapy with Oxaliphatin and Xeloda. She advised that my hubby case was so rare and they have NO statistics to refer for the effectiveness for this treatment but still, she mentioned all possible side effects whether temporary or permanent one as well as the chemo management.

She asked why we hesitated for chemotherapy.

She looked at the increased CEA (5.40 to 11.30 after 6weeks post surgery), she required us to do another CT scan. Ironically we did a blood test 2days ago, the marker was 5.90. What a big different. Was this conclusive enough?

We reluctant too for the CT scan as he just did numerous scan Dec – Jan but she insisted for an appointment.

Well, we skipped that appointment afterwards.

Yes, CEA was not on our side. But we really think that we should not continue to provoke the cancer cell. We must build a stronger immunity and balance the both immunity and cancer growth.

We might be wrong. We might be defeated. If cancer were to win, God has its own way to show and it will be his destiny, my destiny.

We are not rejecting chemotherapy as a treatment but the pursue to further treatment after a major one. Yes the oncologist mentioned that it will be most effective now or never.

We wanted to make peace and I wanted to see my hubby’s recovery.