Hospital days… New Year 2017

I hate the time stayed at hospital, it is so depressed to see other elderly patients who are very sickly coughing, yelling, and playing tantrum just like a small kid. Ironically My hubby has always be the youngest patient. 

I put on my make up and trying not to be sick or tired looking in front of my hubby and other patients.

It is really heart breaking to see my hubby in this condition. Chemo is really the most vicious treatment that we ever had. We believe we had hit the Mr C to millions death of its armies. But our Defence army too greatly impacted. 

I wonder we could stand for the next fight. 

I still remember we spent and celebrated 2016 new year in the hospital. I think we might do it again this year. 

Well, we are still thankful for we survived the days with Mr C for 12months already. We are no longer in fear but more steady and focus. 

Knowing that the survival rate is low but I  change the way we count, it is really interesting. We survived a year, 12 months, 365 days, 8736 hrs..

We understand too once you had or love in that moment, it is forever. 

Happy 2017 and stay strong!


Chemo, finally

We met Dr Radzi last Mon, my hubby straight away decided for chemo + hyperthermia combo for the next day. 

In fact before this meeting, my hubby had aggressive diarrhea which was like diarrhea in every half to an hour’s time for 2-3days. At first we thought it might be the side effect of the gastric drug, but I had different thought. I thought it was the Mr C that causing the aggressive diarrhea. 

He was greatly weaken with lower red blood cell, potassium and bone density. 

Before the chemo + hyperthermia, he had Vit C infusion and blood test to prep him for the procedure. 

The procedure is to increase the body temp to 40 deg C inside the chamber with temp at 55 deg C, hot! He will be sedated and inserted with NG tube, urethra and rectum temp probe, phew.. Doc found that his stomach was slightly congested again, so he expected that my hubby might vomit during or after the procedure and thus another tube was inserted through his esophagus to direct any output. 

I was in the room at times they increased the body temperature to 40 deg C and they stopped the machine and wrapped my hubby with blanket. His body temperature was continue to increase to 41.7 degC. They wanted to go 42 deg C but my hubby body was too weak to achieve it. 

This photo was taken when they waited for the temp to increase at 41.7 deg C. 

Then the chemo Folfox was infused via his PICC. 

The duration of the whole procedure was from 12pm to 7pm. When he started to regain consciousness, he vomited a lot without his knowing. Patient who undergo hyperthermia might suffered diarrhea and vomiting depends individual health condition. 

He was fully awake only at 9pm where he was warded for observation. He had lots backpain and discomfort but felt better after they removed the urethra and had something to drink. 

He started to vomiting at 2am and on off vomiting and passing urine. But he was able to sleep in deeply. 

He had a chemo pump with him and overall the side effect was bearable and not as bad as we thought. 

He had a TPN transfusion when he returned the pump 2days later. However, he had very bad vomiting and nausea throughout that whole night. He felt very weak and vomited all food that he ate. 

Hence we had him admitted to hospital today to have close monitoring. Luckily his appetite has improved a lot and not so nauseated. 

Overall, he has more confidence in receiving the next treatment and his tummy has soften a lot with lesser growling sound. We look forward to our next hyperthermia. 

Oh yeah, here to wish everyone belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!


No miracle, yes.

Well looking at rocket high CEA & CA19-9, what a surprise that we both accepted quite peacefully. The raw herb juice does reduce the stomach gas, I think it kills the bacteria and relieves the SIBO symptoms.

I think we need a jumpstart. We left chemotherapy to count on. I have no idea why we wanna wait and let the Mr C grows to an extent that endangered my hubby’s well being.

Months after months.

I still managed to tell my hubby that in fact his high blood pressure, obesity & running nose problems had all solved after cancer. Looking at his blood test, his liver is superb and lungs are good but just not cancer markers.

Looking at his low energy level, maybe it hindered us more from chemotherapy.

But recently I got to join several support groups in FB from Taiwan, there have many cancer patient who metastasized to peritoneum went to do a treatment named WBH Whole Body Hyperthermia. You may google and there are lots of video and discussion about this treatment. It uses external heat to bring body’s temperature to 40deg C where normal cell could survive but not cancer cell. It is so called the 5th treatment after conventional treatment, some said it can cure cancer but many comment that it will be a very good complementary treatment! As it promotes our blood circulation and it will deliver the chemo drug more efficient that usual. It will relieve the side effect from chemotherapy too and lower dose of drug might be applicable. In fact, my hubby case will not have high PR (partial response) according to our med oncology doctor, means might not help at all. Late stage cancer patient normally has partial responses towards treatment that’s why it is called palliative.

I’m currently following one of the patient who had ovary cancer stage IV but had recurrence after 9months, quite similar to my hubby case. She did surgery & chemotherapy at the time when diagnosed but the tumor grew back to a huge one with CA125 at 7245 (normal range is <35). So she had next cycle of chemotherapy on early Sept this year (3mths ago) and she had finished 4 cycles which she stopped aft 5th cycle. She had WBH after every infusion (normally warded at hospital 2-3days) at another center and she greatly impressed by how the hyperthermia helped in controlling her cancer cell because at the 3rd cycle of chemo + hyperthermia, her CA125 dropped from 7254 to 104 and 41 after 4th cycle. She then stopped the chemo as the 5th cycle only reduced the marker from 41 to 40 but she continues the Hyperthermia. She is still having an active lifestyle and she is going to publish a book about herself.

I can share you her blog if you could read chinese. As her success in the treatment, there are 2 terminal stomach cancer patient in the support group went over for the same treatment. Their condition is both same – glass bottle stomach, which is aggressive adenocarcinoma which both spread into the peritoneum. So far it has been 18months, they survived longer time as Doc quoted only 3mths, opps! They update their condition quite promptly for the tracking of everyone.

So I managed to find one doctor who had the machine for the hyperthermia nearby Singapore, Dr Radzi at Johor Bharu (which is my country!) offered this treatment!! I read through his biography. Then I discussed with my sister and realized that Dr Radzi was her doctor many years back. Then only she told that one of our relative was treated by Dr Radzi too and amazingly she is in remission from late stage ovary cancer for 3 years already. The lady is pregnant now!! What a news.

Johor Bharu is very near to Singapore, just 10mins drive after custom clearance. Wow!

We met our oncology too to discuss about the Hyperthermia. We shared with her if we left Chemotherapy and we would want to make it count. To increase the efficacy of the drug will be crucial thing now. None of the hospital offered such treatment as this is not a standard treatment and insurance company wont pay for it, Singapore is a country that demands all sorts of standard and regulatory. She wanted us to measure it yourself but I know that she felt the same way as I did.

We must win this time.

Lets do it. I hope the Doc will be able to offer us the treatment guides at our best requirement. Low side effect, lower toxicity but great results.

Well haha.. I will update soon…



Good and not good

Well, I have been busy preparing raw herb juice for my hubby. It is not tasting good and I might just vomit out if I were to drink it, oops.

The first few days, he was consuming at the normal dosage and nothing happened. But he started to have aggressive diarrhea after I increased the dosage. The diarrhea could last few hours and he was so shaken and weak. Not only diarrhea, he had one or two times vomiting too. I think the effect might just too strong for him. But we too noticed that he got better appetite and energy recovery after these few days.

He could eat more and have better sleep.

Before we could be happy for this good “side effect”, the pain started. He could actually point me the tumor area that had a lot of pain. We were terrified as this is probably the first time he felt pain from cancer. I got some pain relief method from my support group but Panadol is probably working for him faster. 

The following weeks, he had this pain just after drinking the herb juice. No juice no pain. Well the friend who had experience in using this raw herb juice advices that the pain is common especially for those had tumor. The tumor was attacked and probably “dropping out”that caused the pain. He also said that my hubby might have bloody stool or whitish stool later which means the good sign.

Actually we had been using alternative methods for months, I would say none of them really works. The cancer babies just growing more. 

Some of them are actually using this raw herb juice to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy according to the records in the herb university and the results are wonders. I could easily spot out few success cases with detailed CT scan and blood test results. It is just amazing how the herb helps.

We also had our palliative care nurse visit this week. She helped checking out my hubby’condition and she comment that my hubby gastric and digestion actually had no issue, the intestines are working well. That came to our realise that the gas and wind issues had improved lots over these week. Although my hubby had some hiccup after eating raw sashimi, the stomach has been well function.

So whether it helps in my hubby’case, we will know it very soon by next week appointment.

My hubby stamina is still weak. So we set goal to exercise at our nearby park garden every morning for 21days, no matter storm or rainy days. Tomorrow will be our first day!! I think goal setting would bring us to a better days ahead.

So friends, stay cheers and focus!!