Ileostomy Reversal – Feeling Great

A quick update. The June blood work showed increase steadily for all three markers, we accepted quite peacefully. Also we bought a chair that highly recommended by my sis, she had the chair after her nose cancer radio + chemo treatment. She shared that the ultra long wavelength will help in stopping the tumor angiogenesis by breaking the blood vessel. It sound “unrealistic” to us and that is why we has been hesitated in getting the chair. But I witnessed her cancer remission for the past 10years, also some other total stranger who shared sincerely for how it helped. You may find link below.

It seemed like we are now trying everything that claim will work. No harm too. He is also started Bicarbonate Soda + molasses each 1tsp 4days, 2 tsp 2days & 3tsp 1 day. We use pH paper to monitor his saliva & urine. We researched. There are medical studies showed that 12g of BS would control the growth of tumor, but the effectiveness claimed as too slow comparing to Chemotherapy. Whatever it is, his saliva pH is getting more alkaline as compared to few weeks ago. (AM Saliva 6.4-6.8 after food 7.8 or higher)

Back to his reversal. The surgery required a colonoscopy +X ray. Everything went smoothly. The last incision inside his intestine healed well. We stayed at hospital for 5days. His diarrhea has been a controllable one.  He sleeps better and he basically just stay home or bring a diaper if we need to out for long hours. The quality of life is undeniable.

We googled before for the adverse effect of reversal. I assure you for reading lots of scary comment and feedback talking about the non-stopping diarrhea. Some of them got so worried until they eventually give up the reversal.

In my opinion, there is no way leaving a part of organ idled. I believe human body build for its purpose. Also those supplementation, juicing & TCM herbs that flush through his gut had never reached to his colon. I think it is not right. Anything that he was fed went out as quickly as in 2 hours time from his ileostomy and we would never make it to the abdominal area.

The gradually increase of CEA might explain the case that the cancer cell has a place to grow and “camp”. We both think by reversing the intestine would greatly increase the effectiveness of controlling the cancer cell growth. But of course, only time will tell. We do not want to be panicking for deciding the next movement.

From doctor’s advice, she continues to warn us for the recurrence that will block the intestine again when the tumor grows bigger. Also my hubby will not eligible to have another surgery after the MOAS. If the primary tumor is at abdomen, she will not do any resection of lung/liver for metastasis too. It sounded really horrible because eventually we will left only the chemotherapy option. Well, we will face it sooner or later.

Everytime we are being challenged by the fact that the cancer cell is growing, the recurrence or the metastasis, we choose to stay focus & calm. Whatever treatment that we are being offered, we measure cautiously. I am getting more & more updates from other colon cancer friends that how their treatment failed. Some of them eventually needed a stop for chemo which conducted for 6mths and proceed for MOAS.  They shared with much frustration and feeling loss. They were highly in cooperate with doctors and trusted them so much and I have no idea what went wrong.

At the end of the day, only you could save yourself. I still believe that our body has its healing power and it is more reliable to work/rely with. Listen to our body & response to it. Stay focus. Stay focus. As you may read until here, I am actually reminding myself.