Resistance + Impact Exercise

I am so overwhelmed to read about the latest research for exercise beats cancer as links above which further explained by the Youtube video. More research data is compiling and we hope there will be more update in near future.

I realized that apart from practicing Qi Gong, my hubby has yet introduced any exercise in his daily fighting life. Main reason is because of his 27cm long wound after surgery and we used to think the Qi Gong is the best for cancer fighting.

Through the video, it has an animation that really excites me a lot!! The Natural Killer cell that “bombed” the tumor cell upon the call of Interluekin 6 released from our muscle during exercise! It also showed the tumor growth in the both control & exercised mice’s liver. Tumor cell, in the black color. Why cant “you” in other colors?

It is crucial whether we have high muscle level but more importantly is EXERCISE.

Also through the research done by the physiologist together with the oncologist, they found that resistance plus impact exercise could greatly help in prostate cancer patient who lose their bone mass during chemotherapy that caused osteoporosis.

So what are we waiting for?? We are in trampoline + resistance band..





Tumor Doubling Time

I read a book from a Japanese doctor that mentioned Tumor Doubling Time (TDT). I googled and searched below.

The excel sheet will tabulate the projected tumor marker (CEA) doubling time in day, month & year. It has a chart showing the actual value & theoretical value.

The TDT from hospital is shorter than the GP Clinic. So this is another monitoring that I kept in my tracking file.

Doubling Time
GP Clinic Hospital
Day 117 Day 62
Month 3.9 Month 2.7
Year 0.32 Year 0.17

I personally think that we should look at the speed of the growth for our beloved cancer friends instead of uptrend/downtrend. If the cancer took 2-3 years to be doubled, doctors normally wont suggest any treatment.

So looking at TDT of 117 days considered “mid-aggressive”which means the 5years survival rate probably at 30%. Breast cancer normally range within 60days termed as “aggressive” will give a lower 5 year survival rate at around 22%.

Thinking back, my hubby actually took the risk to take CT Scan was because of the ileostomy reversal to check for the resection’s recovery. Since the damage is done, we decided to proceed for the reversal and amplify the salvation.

Colon enema is the next that we think will help him in relieve his reversal discomfort as well as colon detox, the headquarter camp of our cancer friends.

I hope my findings help. Will update again.




The Ugly Truth

So we got our blood test results from GP clinic. Just to share that we both felt great this time and excited to know how the result will be or how low the CEA would be.

I tabulated the results as below.

Date CEA <2.50 CA19-9 <37 CA125 <35
8/2/2016 5.9
8/3/2016 7.7 244.0 14.0
8/4/2016 7.3 218.0 11.0
10/5/2016 11.8 330.0 16.0

All went up high~~~~ or rocket into the sky! So we discussed & tracked backwards for what we done during Apr. We realized that what we did has making his condition worst.

—> CT Scan

But we too noticed a 2mthly jump of CEA ever since MOAS. I think we failed somehow in controlling the cancer growth.

However the test would be more conclusive if he did not have CT scan. As observing his liver profile, his bilirubin level too shooting to double compared to these months. The CT scan might double up the markers judging from past month trend.

So while we trying to figure out for more clues. I read from the website below.

You may read more from the website. But below is the “ugly truth”..

  1. You can clean yourself out and build yourself up as much as possible, but your cancer will just get cleaner and stronger along with the rest of you.
  2. You can amplify and stimulate your immune system as much as possible; in fact, you can shoot it out of a cannon or rocket it into space, but it will just fly right past your cancer; it won’t even see it.
  3. You can bomb, strafe or nuke your cancer until it is undetectable, but if you did not clean yourself out and build yourself up, and if you did not amplify and stimulate your immune system, your cancer will come back like an invasion of vampires.
  4. To create sufficient immune memory for a durable remission, your immune system needs to be involved in clearing your cancer, so it needs to be big and strong.
  5. Your tumor-infiltrated tissue needs to call your immune system for help and tell it what kind of help it needs, so it needs to be clean and well-nourished.
  6. Your immune system needs to see your cancer, so your cancer has to be wounded periodically (your immune system homes in on wounds).
  7. “Danger” means better cancer outcomes using off-the-shelf materials and common sense.

I think point no 2 might exactly explained our condition now. AAarrrggg… Our cancer friends has been enjoying the “firecracker show” from us… We were quite shocked in reading these but we finally understand the reason of high tumor marker. It also explained the reason of the recurrence for many cancer patients.

I think it is a wake up call for both of us. We will not give up but work harder.

We need to think & decide for the next action. Stay focus!!

Body Analysis & metabolism

Weight had been an issue to my hubby and in fact we made lots effort tying to lose weight for better health since 2-3years ago. We actually bought an Omron HBF-375 for closer monitoring for his BMI, Fat%, Muscle %, Visceral fat as well as body age as a tracking to his progress.

His high visceral fat had been my concern as we tried many ways to bring it down but in vain. His body fat % and muscle % had been maintained at “Not so Healthy” level and thus his body age was around 51years old. His condition is termed as bad metabolism, I think.

Experts like Max Gerson shared that people with good metabolism won’t get cancer. In his study of cancer, the tumor cell that injected into lab mouse with good health condition found reaction like fever & inflammation as a way to get rid of the tumor cell. But the tumor cell that injected into a mouse with bad body condition like low immunity, thyroid or endocrine problem had tumor cell growth rapidly. He observed that the healthy cell has better circulation and functionality would cease the tumor growth.

Rest assured I wont talk about coffee enema.. but metabolism 🙂

I saw the differences in myself & my hubby mainly in our metabolism. Reason that I could lose weight easily via higher muscle mass and lower fat %. Higher muscle % will improve the metabolic rate and thus burn the fat faster. I merely take more protein / low carbohydrate or exercise to achieve that. But I found that he got really hard in achieving this. So I used to quote him had a bad body metabolism.

So I used many ways to understand better of his body reaction. I took down his progress using Omron body analysis machine and see below.

Date Before Weight, kg BMI Fat % Muscle % Visceral
Body Age
Nov-16 81.2 28.1 30.0 28.0 16.0 51.0
7/2/2016 90days 67.6 23.4 30.2 29.7 8.0 43.0
8/3/2016 60days 61.9 21.4 30.1 30.2 6.0 38.0
7/4/2016 30days 60.4 20.9 24.9 31.7 5.0 34.0
30/4/2016 7days 61.0 21.1 21.0 32.8 5.0 33.0
6/5/2016 1day 59.8 20.7 20.6 33.0 4.5 31.0

Yes, he is a bit skinny now but more fit looking. I am glad that based on this analysis, his body composition is actually improved a lot. I will see if any correlation compared to the cancer growth too. Hopefully good results coming soon.

Just to share for those who might be interested.

Mucusless Diet & Immunity

We had upgraded our juicer to GreenStar Elite from the old Champion, a more satisfying unit in processing all leafy greens and fruits.

I visited the local store – Fit for life Centre Singapore for the purchase and I had a glimpse on their selling books about Mucusless diet. This centre promotes a detox program with mucusless diet and coffee enema. I am a fan of Gerson Therapy but I had never heard of mucusless diet. I once read about a naturopathic advice to stop taking flour based food like bread, cake & etc for the reason that these foods created mucus. Well, mucus…

Mucus protects our body from infection but it creates problem when it becomes excessive. Mucus is secreted in respiratory, reproductive & digestive system and mucus membrane in lymphatic system. Taking probiotic, grains, fibrous food & anion environment could help in controlling the secretion.

For many natural approach in fighting cancer, I think there must be something in common that kill cancer cell or let it vanishes by itself. I believe that we could use natural way to fight cancer. But the problem is there are different ways and we know that each person has different body reaction. We could not follow blindly. Sometimes, choosing a type of treatment or diet for cancer could be quite frustrating.

Moreover, what actually makes cancers so insidious is that they’re not invaders: They are one of us but mutated. And thus our  immunity army does not recognize them as a threat and let it grows. But my questions :-

  • Does every healthy people too have cancer cell? But why they do not develop tumor like many cancer patients did?
  • If some people get remission via juicing like Gerson Therapy, how they “made” the immunity army work & control cancer cell’s growth?

When I learn about this mucusless diet, I start to think would it be possible for scenario as below?

  1. Immunity army is outnumbered compared to “no-brake” growth of cancer cell, the process is on going but it really takes time and the killing is slower than the cancer growth. Also immunity army is not efficient in identifying the cancer cell as we might still introduce other toxin into body like bacteria, virus and fungus etc.
  2. Immunity army actually do not kill cancer, the cancer cell dies by itself. 

Some of these scenarios answered the question above.

Healthy people has lesser cancer cell which their immunity army is still capable in eliminating them and Cancer loves mucus or eat mucus, I supposed! No scientific prove as from my knowledge. Ha!

Gerson Therapy, vegan diet or mucusless diet has one thing in common, they reduce greatly the mucus production in our body (mucus is produced by our body through the consuming of sugar, flour based, milk, meat…many more). So juicing and vegan diet actually does not provide extra mucus to cancer cell. This probably the reason that the diet actually starve the cancer cell and once cancer cell tries to consume other stuff like phytonutrient, BOMB!!! Vanished!!

Why I get so interested in this mucus thing? My hubby actually has an ileostomy that direct the stuff he eat out to a bag from small intestine. One day in Mar after TCM herbs and juicing diet, he started to pass out something from “behind” opps. We were terrified and puzzled. After consulted with doctors, it is actually common to pass out the mucus as his big intestine is still working and producing mucus. He passed out those mucus in dark color with bad smell. We all thought that it was good sign for detoxification. The more juicing /TCM herbs he took, the more mucus he passed. The smell was still intense. Both chinese physician and doctors think that his big intestine is working actively and the mucus should eventually turned to light yellow colour – healthy mucus!

So Coffee enema actually explain better of his condition by passing out those mucus. Those left over mucus accumulated untreated waste over years and thus toxify the body. Raw vegan diet that create lots fibrous output actually promote the passing out of these mucus extensively.

Hahaha, I think cancer has greatly inspired my imagination. But I really enjoy exploring the truth/myth. Well I need to start working on my hubby’s diet and keep monitoring.

PS: While updating the blog, I google. There is a statement about mucus could protect cancer cell for drug & chemo treatment, cancer cell is capable of manipulating the mucus-signaling mechanism!! So mucus is cancer’s safe house!! Oh my!! I need to study more..

You may read from below link.


CT scan & blood test with Medical oncologist

We had shared in last post for our first CT scan after MOAS, it has not shown any significant recurrence evidence despite the elevated CEA & CA19-9 marker.

We met our medical oncologist to discuss about to chemo or not to chemo, again.

Prior to the meeting, we did another blood test. I tabulated the results over the few mths as below.

Date CEA <2.50 CA19-9 <37 CA125 <35
8/1/2016 16.6 255.0 109.0
25/1/2016 5.4 75.0 20.1
17/2/2016 11.1 130.0 23.5
12/4/2016 16.6 172.0 11.6
29/4/2016 17.3 160.0 p(^o^)q 10.9

Good news is the CA19-90 has finally started to drop! So we are now left CEA which still showing upward trend (hospital results). Understand that different laboratory gives different results. The marker trend should be monitored from time to time for data collection. In other words, we need to observe the marker progress from months to months before coming to conclusion. I had met many cancer friends who started chemotherapy or surgery right away for the elevated marker level, even without a CT scan or further verification.

But bad news is the medical oncologist had informed that after their discussion with the radiologists, they believe that the cancer tumour has back and started to grow. So she advise us to start chemo asap. We gave the same answer, No again! We wanted to give our body a chance to fight or to stabilize. We believe that we still need some times. If the chemotherapy is a palliative to his condition, we rather start late than now. I read several sharing, many of them started chemo and ended in 3 years time. They ended with body collapse.

If chemotherapy works for my hubby, it will work whether now or later. If it wont work, it will only jeopardize his condition now. We worry that the cancer might come back with a higher resiliency and it will be too powerful for our immunity army to take it down.

I read a chinese oncologist saying that our immunity army will contain the cancer cell from metastasis. But surgery & chemotherapy will kill these immunity army first before the cancer cell and then the survived cancer “army” was released free to venture to many places.

I was a sales person. I felt the whole conversation was out of closing the sales. I told the medical oncologist stop getting the junior doctors to call us for appointment confirmation and sounded as like we are not getting proper treatment. It is exactly like a sales follow-up call. Also I am puzzled why they don’t just state the CT scan report as recurrence. All recurrence statement is more like a threatening or out to scare us. The medical oncologist was not confident that chemo will help us and she showed little “disappointment” than worried after we rejected the chemo. As in she did not manage to close the deal as her boss wanted her to. Haha. Am I thinking too much? But I always have good sensitivity towards ppl’s reaction.

So its time to go our GP clinic for routine blood test. I will update later.