Oh my.. SIBO, I really hate it

Further to my studies on my hubby GI problem, I found a book which finally explained all his symptoms, what & why & how to tackle his problem. 

As per my last post, we had been troubleshooting with his diet and stick to food that he is ok with. But things get more challenging as we start to have problem finding food he could eat. That’s truly devastating. There were occasion when we forced to dine out and he ended up 1-2days of vomiting and losing more weight. We were talking about the peritoneal tumour that might causing his bloatedness and also discussing about chemotherapy. 

He said NO, I am thinking maybe yes. We both felt stress. As a care giver, it is really tough to seeing him losing more weight and sick looking. I urge him to do something rather than just sit and wait. He seemed to have bloated feeling for all foods!! There were several time I shouted at him for finding himself a solution, I think I just couldn’t stand with it anymore. 

Then I read about this book. 

We realized that he has all the symptoms for SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth). It is very similar to peritoneal recurrence but they are not the same. It is quite lengthy but complete explanation in the book. Sadly, be it SIBO or peritoneal issue, both have deadly impact to health. 

He had to do the Elimination diet, in order to starve all the bad bacteria in his intestine. The diet calls for meat (chicken, pork, seafood, beef), vegetables (carrot, spinach, Zucchini & green bean only), oil and herbs. Bone broth and soup is essential too. That’s all. It is rather ok to me but we hope to have no meat. 

We faced hiccup when I prepared baked salmon with coconut oil, he vomited too. I had no idea whether the vomit was due to previous normal diet (porridge/banana?) or Salmon. Also he had no discipline to follow through the diet and ate something else. It was tough and I literally lost all my patience to him. I wanted to giving him up!! I could not do any of this diet thing anymore. I had it enough. I screamed at him and rushed out. 

That night, I dined alone to have some break of all these diet nonsense. I used to chat & share in a support group who my sis recommended to. There is one Chinese physician who had very good experience in anti cancer diet and studied naturopathy treatment. He asked me to call him as I texted him for some questions about my hubby. 

I was so thankful and relieved after the call. We discussed intensively about my hubby’s issue. Luckily all these problem were not new to him! He had helped one cancer patient who same as my hubby had removed gall bladder but the whole big intestine and he shared that there was one who removed the whole stomach!! But to him, we have to change our diet in order to accommodate a new body that changed by surgery. 

So he pointed out few things that will help my hubby. 

– HCI insufficiency. He can try HCL supplements to improve his digestion

– Digestive enzyme is crucial in his condition. Ox bile will help on oil absorption as bacteria converts oil into conjugated one and thus body could not absorb. 

– All of his food is best fermented. 

– Drink enzyme juice drink

– Try FOCC flaxseed oil + cottage cheese under Budwig protocol. This will settle his Macronutrient issue. 

– Homemade yogurt (vegan) 

All fermented food will ease his digestion and enzyme drink would be added to his daily nutrient. He also want us to try sprouted brown rice for his wellness. 

It was indeed a great conversation that I ever had. For tackling the issue, no one has ever able to discuss this detail with me and most importantly providing me with the methods to do. I felt lots of hope and I was energized again. Sometimes, a little help is what you need to ask. 

Also he answered to me for my hubby could not do stomach massage. But he could apply frankincense essential oil. Undiluted and apply generously on his stomach. In that support group, there was a lady with Breast cancer who had tumour burst got healed by chemotherapy plus frankincense oil applied on her open wound area. I could, testify, in just a month! Not only her wound had sealed up but her tumour was shrink from 10cm to 5cm!! We witnessed the severity of her wound with great horror. If anyone of you interested to see the before after photo, please pm me. So end of the story we quickly tried on the frankincense. Undiluted, in generous and we applied peppermint oil after that. As the peppermint will seal the frankincense oil for absorption. 

In 2 days which is today, my hubby realized that he has less stomach growling and his elevated blood pressure has normalized!! What a great news. I attached his blood pressure photo taken today.

We will try out those diet that suggested and I will update again. 

Just FYI, we are using Aura Cacia Organic grade of frankincense oil & peppermint. We used it previously but diluted with 10ml 7-8drops,that is probably too diluted. So best to use straight from the bottle.