Busy for Movie

Hi friends, my hubby is in stable condition with little changes.

Moving towards Home TPN & Antibiotic, our so called nurse Maid had been confirmed but her arrival has postponed to first week of Apr.

We were catching up movies lately and kinda enjoyed with short leave from hospital.

Then guess what, I met my ex colleague and my Neighbour at my hubby ward. It was my ex colleague’s dad who admitted for liver cancer and my Neighbour’s wife admitted for colon cancer who metastasized to brain. My ex colleague told that the other colleague whom I once worked with also has just diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. They are very upset now as there are 3 colleagues who had family diagnosed with cancer.

I am speechless at this point.

I feel like our world has changed so much.

I started to read more Buddha’s scriptures to understand more wisdom from Buddha. It is amazed that Buddha already stated ways to cure the disease which called Hemorrhoids but grow in almost every parts of body. We know that it means tumour.

I have no cancer, diagnosed at this point of time but I found chanting would calm my mind and regulate my breathing. Getting Buddha’s truth wisdom, I believe one’s life could really get better. I have yet to be able to lead Buddha’s way in life but knowing it definitely help!

My hubby had a scan yesterday. It showed the abscess collection has reduced its size to very small one. The disease is still stable, as in spreading. Just the blockage of the urethra channel has worsened a little bit, but the kidney function is still normal. Doc said as he is still young so compensated still working fine.

We spoke to doctor. She agreed that we could get TCM (traditional herb medicine) to help on stabilise everything. Since he could not treated anymore and no harm trying out others.

Reason we want to get TCM is because my hubby has Low or very very Low iron in his blood so the Hb has always been very Low than 8.0. He needs blood transfusion when lower than 7.0. But if I gave him 鸡血藤+甘草,Chinese herb to improve blood count the Hb would increase to 8.0. Then I stopped. I did this few round and it works most of the time.

He takes propolis to control the infection and he tried stop taking it for a week, the CRP infection marker went up again. So it seems like these stuff are working so far.

We have new purpose in life. We want to hand copy more Buddha scripture and it could be our worship to Buddha.

So I hope we could out asap and start afresh!

Stay cheer!