After Death

Sorry if the title is stressing to anyone of you.

But let me tell you the truth after your love ones death.

We had been thankful for the death of my hubby is due to cancer which had giving us enough of time to sort of “settle” things after his death. We are indeed very lucky compared to those who passed in sudden. 

My hubby used to think that he will have a short life. Why he did think so I do not know. He bought enough insurance couverage for his death as he always tell me. 

Who knows. He forgot the most important stuff which is the nomination or a valid will. He wrote a simple will but it lacked of 2witness’s signature. 

Then I am in lots of work to handle about the estate and legal stuff which requires a lawyer and money. There are documentations that contradicts for lawyer to go first or I need to get prepare for lawyer. I need the letter of Probate. We have 2young children made the claim more sophisticated which I will need a co-administrator and 2guarantors. 

Then I realised that he has different stock and trading platforms. I called to each of them and it seemed like they need to sell of the shares and then return the fund to the securities account. Then the securities account had to transfer to a new Estate account for where I could then claim for. It is a must for deceased client to open this Estate Account legally. 

So my in law asked why my hubby has never closed the account before his death? What a most funny question! Who will bother such a thing when approaching death? Who will know when we will just die? Haha!

Indeed we never thought monetary issue could be so bothersome. 

So what’s next? I need to set up will too. As I am declared as widow now. For the protection of my kids, I need to entrust a trustee to guard on my assets for them in case I went off to meet my hubby earlier?! 

These are the stuff that got me read out lots. 

Actually I am more busy for other things. I packed all my hubby clothings and shoes for donation, I helped him to donate his funeral fund as per his last wish. I cleaned and reorganized my house. There are still lots to do but it is progressing. 

My hubby has left lots of personal things like his name card with photo since primary school, his Favourite photo, the letters I wrote to him, his Favourite oldies phone which I am now placing on our study table for my kids to make call to him (spiritually we are still talking to him)… truly sentimental and I feel the sadness deeply but somehow I need it still so I could feel that he is still around. 

We miss him everyday and every min, every second.. 

I did not dream of him much and I feel that he has really off to Buddha. Chinese believes that his spirit will continue to stay with us for 49days. But I really did not feel him, neither the baby has seen him. Old people think that the younger kids can see spirit.

I started to print out his photo since young to now. I wish to do a memory album for him. I looked back to his photos. I realised that his life had gotten colourful ever since he had me. I would say fantastic life for both of us. I gave him the best of me and the two wonderful kids. Deep in my heart, I think I have no regrets towards my hubby. We both have great moment together and he passed during the most beautiful moment of life, which is blessedly great one. 

I whispered during night for how I miss him. I begged for him to come to my dreams. 

The days now are more challenging than the days he had just passed. 

I started to read on Buddha study. I felt more relieved when knowing that life has 8kinds of hardship/suffering that will make people strong and steady so you will grow and learn from life. 

It is really hard to tell people or for people to accept that everyone has to go through these. It is a sure thing that will happen in life. So why be sad on it? Treat it with a steady heart. I chant and I feel more calm. 

So I start to read books about fatherless Son. I need to work out family Budget stuff but I am thankful that I do not need to struggle for financial stuff. Thanks dear.

Life goes on. Stay cheer, my friends.