Back Again

What a most beautiful weeks we spent at home, love filled with laughter and excitement. 

We video a lots and each of them was really a great and joyous one. 

However we decided to back to hospital as my hubby started to have vomiting. He could not tolerate for a sip of water coupled with lots of heartburn. 

We changed his stomach drainage bag but had no help. Doctor told it was obstruction again due to the tumours but I felt it’s more on gastric issues. 

They treated him with IV medication including steroid. I don’t think the steroid is helpful as he started to have thrush and itchy all over body. I requested to stop but doc insisted 2weeks courses. 

Guess what, my hubby stomach started to drain some blood and then they stopped steroid immediately. 


They then increased the gastric medication to stop bleeding. So it will take weeks for him to recover. 

Meanwhile we asked to check PEG but the nurse insisted that the PEG tube had no issue but it leaked out from the side of the tube. It turned out to be a Mission impossible when Doctors all thought that the stomach might have tumour too that blocked the tube. 

I got a feeling like being terminally illness patient, all problems is because of tumour. Then just let it be as no further treatment for them. Doctors won’t bother to fix a small issue when there is bigger one there.


I am mentally prepared for disease progression but what if it is NOT?

Could they misjudge or mistreated the patient? Like the steroid stuff?

I need to start camp at this “training ground for green Doctors” to carefully check for their next action before they caused more harm.

I recalled what happened on past Jan. I must guard on him.

Until next time.


Tackling Sleep disorder 

Sleep disorder, could potentially bring us serious problem. I am now understand why our Chinese physician would check whether we eat well or sleep well.

If you can’t sleep well, you definitely don’t eat well & vice versa.

So stories begins from 6weeks ago when my hubby started to lose more weight, lethargic, reduced activities, emotional, poor appetite and looked pale. He was dealing with all discomforts including the diarrhea & frequent urination as side effect from surgery. He thought that he had indigestion problem or might be the side effects from the stoma reversal but I felt something just not right.

So I stayed out very late during a night and checked my hubby out at around 12-1am. I saw that he sat on the floor with extreme tiredness trying to sleep by doing some stretching. He then told me that after the stretching he still had to do few sessions of the Ultra long magnetic wave chair to ease his back pain so he could fall sleep.

I was so worried but also angry for he did not share for his back pain & sleep problem. He thought it would be getting better but it was not.

We had an intensive discussion for his condition.

His sleep was disrupted not only by the back pain but also bloatedness. The gas that trapped inside his intestine was also the culprit that causing a lot of discomfort to his body. He then did not eat a lot or can’t really eat too. There was like a gas eruption after he ate and those gasses were trapped as he could not pass the gas or burp it out too. I felt his stomach and I could really feel a lot of gas running.

His blood pressure was also elevated. Before I found out all of these, we had one horrible incident that he was so bloated after eating cheese & roti Prata, he started to have vomiting on the next day. All these symptoms was just like before his diagnosis and to our horror we thought we will be heading back to A&E again. But we chose to seek help from normal GP doctor where the doctor eased his vomiting with an injection and prescribed some colic & gas medicine.

We were devastated by looking at his condition that seemed worsening.

So what we do? Ok.

First, he has to sleep well because if his sleep quality is so bad, he will not eat well. If he could not eat well, he could not absorb enough nutrient neither meeting enough calories. Not enough calories, he will continue to lose weight. His health will be deteriorated after sometimes which is alarming to both of us.
So gas problem. We met up with his aunt who runs the health promoting company. She suggested that we take the Vita Cleanse which consists of psyllium husk, onion, dandelion root, Spirulina, plantago, cloves & etc that helped in intestinal debunking.  3 to 4times a day to ease the soften stool problem as well as his gas issue. She explained that his intestine had too much of bad bacteria and toxin that needed to be cleansed. After clearing up, the good bacteria can work more effectively for food digestion. We immediately tried it for the first day we got it. Thank God his gas problem reduced and he could pass the gas out. He had less toilet trips with hardened stool. We checked back his colons copy photo. We could see a lot of mucus building up around the colon. I attached the photos.

So next, back pain. We added the comforter to his mattress. He practiced some backpain stretching and I urged him to go out walking or Qi Gong practicing as usual. Muscle has to be trained and we just have to continue to be active. lying on bed would only make things worse.

We also just tried the essential oil after friends recommendation. We went to the shop and just within 3mins my hubby started to farting, nonstop! The aroma just made the wind/gas moved. Haha. It was truly embarrassed and we apologized to the boss. But we were so happy to know that the aroma of these essential oil helped his gas passing.

We made a few combination of essential oils but we love the Bergamot plus lavender. We massaged for each other and the kids too. We truly amazed by its effect of relaxing and pain relieving. He didn’t really feel the backpain and he could really sleep better.

Thankfully after all these efforts, he started to eat more and his weight drop has stopped and maintained as of now. He is 170cm height, weighted 55kgs. We target to increase weight for another 5kgs. He physically feel the best at 62-65kgs though. But his muscle level has gained higher 35% in body composition.

Phew, these weeks were really taxing but it is really worthwhile.

Stay calm & cheer, key to our troubleshooting.

Our next things to do, do functional assessment & schedule a counselling session.