Sepsis No joke

I have been complaining to the ward person in charge. We thought that the Nurses here are undertrained in dealing with PICC line as they blocked both my hubby’s PICC line AND the port a cap!!!

After troubleshooting they only managed to salvage one lumen of PICC which for TPN and now my hubby has to be poked in every 3days to do the Antibiotics infusion.

And what’s next?

My hubby blood culture showed positive!! Another nightmare that will bury him soon!!

The bacteria will not likely to be killed by current antibiotics which is already a strong one.

What the hell is going in this ward?!!

I am now doing the TPN termination by myself.

They just took too long to terminate the line and the fluid within the line will no longer be patent!

That’s how they blocked each and every line. 

However, my hubby’s high fever episode lasted for few days continuously but stable for now.

So all doctor came one by one again telling us to give up and go home to wait for his time.

TPN doctor is the one who wanted to stop the TPN and they think that now giving anything won’t help but toxin to his body system. They think that he won’t be able to survive from the sepsis. 

I think TPN will be kinda palliative to my hubby’s condition. He might get hypothermia sometimes but everything went normal when TPN infused. 

If it is toxin, so are the morphine & fentanyl and why Doctors still giving to patient? 

We wanted to fight for the last fight and die from it rather surrender.

So the TPN nurse visited my hubby and shocked to see my hubby is picking up again. 

His condition is truly up and down. But that’s the typical condition of patient. If we were all good, we won’t be back to hospital!

If we were to heed their advice like January, my hubby won’t be alive now.

I really hope we could go home and never come back again. 

I must pray harder!