Waiting for 3 June

Well we will be having the birthday party for my boys who will turn 6 & 2 yrs old this year.

3 June 2017 would be the day which the boys would enjoy at their most with magic show & puppet show, balloon twisting, games and so on. 

I am making this party a grant & expensive one for letting them to remember that their daddy celebrated for them. 

I shouldn’t spend the money & effort as per what most of the people would say. But why not? We have loved one who sick, but that doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating of life event. I want the kids to know they have a daddy who is willingly to spend for them as long as they like it. They have a daddy who really love them lots.

So while we hoping for the red blood cell test to find active bleeding place in my hubby’s stomach, he got sign of infection. The liver test results shot up to the sky. We worry for the bacteria had attacked the liver to cause the damage. Or it might be the paracetamol that given too much.

I asked the nurse to stop the paracetamol last night before any doctor does. 

My hubby too starts to have Low blood sugar and some other electrolyte to correct. Everything seems to giving more problem. But ironically he looks more energetic compared to the admission time. He is sleeping better than before too. 

Well I think the blood work tells something like his body is having lots of stress and I afraid that the damage has done.

I could only hope for his recovery after the infection has been controlled. He just did a X ray and CT scan non contrast one.

I hope for good news in next few more day to welcoming our celebration.