High bilirubin & Coma


My hubby n I went to a TCM doctor that other patients recommended. He told that my hubby needs to correct his Low HB issue and his blood showed abnormalities. I think he meant for the bacteria infection. 

So he prescribed blood promote herbs and we went back to hospital. The trip was taking us great effort as my hubby had weakened so much. 

Good that my hubby’s swollen leg started to subside after several days on Chinese Herb. 

However, blood test showed that his liver is deteriorating very fast. Kidney also under great stress with higher creatinine.

But most worried matter is my hubby starts to sleep a lots. He could hardly moved and bedridden. He could not talk for like 10mins with me.

Doc told that the high bilirubin will eventually causes his brain damage as bilirubin is a toxin to body. He will likely lost his consciousness and fall into coma.

Having heard of that, I felt very much relieved. If my hubby could just pass on with coma, no pain no fever no nausea no vomiting no diarrhea, it is really good for me to accept for his death. 

We both witnessed the cancer patients who suffered the great pain by their death time, was indeed a traumatic one.

This early afternoon, I went back to the TCM doc for my hubby’s liver failure issue. He prescribed herbs and I quickly gave him 2packs as his absorption has compromised with the PEG.

He showed some improvement but I will need to monitor again.

Next mon will be critical for his blood test whether his body improves or further deterioration. I will then decide to bring him back home with or without TPN.