Fever bleeding fever bleeding

So for the past few days, we have been dealing with my hubby internal bleeding and fever.

Remember he had bleeding from the PEG? It stopped as we pumped in more propolis but the other abscess tube started to drain bloody fluid.

It is not excessive or technically called bleeding which I newly learnt from Doctors. It is a slowly bleeding internally. 

I suspected that the propolis did some killing on the tumour cells that caused it die off and thus fever induced. The protruding part on his tummy which is disease Mr C that slowly growing in size is actually soften up and the size is changing to a rounder one. I wonder Mr C is really dying off, but it is actually one of the body “part”, making it dying might cause problem too. I am bit lost and telling doc they won’t really believe. They can only convinced via results. So we need to prove them wrong by mon test results. 

As I noticed if I don’t give propolis, he won’t really have fever but the high bilirubin is now 3times more from the normal range and it won’t settle due to the blockage. The blockage is not within organ but outside that pressed on the tip of the tube towards pancreas and thus caused the swelling below the liver. The time when I pumped propolis in, the bilirubin was stopped from increasing. Haha, I am actually kinda enjoy on the experimental results I gotten from hospital blood test in 3days interval.

I am pumping in more propolis.

No more treatment from doc and in fact they are giving him up with no more medication for any symptoms.

Yesterday he had fever 39.5-40 degree C over 6hours time that causing the heart rate to shoot up to 180 whereby his usual heart rate at 100. Doctor was not giving any advise and I told the nurse to give IV saline to hydrate him. If doc won’t approve I will do it myself. Then only they gave and the heart rate slowly settled. But my hubby had been quite alert and he himself don’t really feel of the heat.

Fever n bleeding are both the indicator for final days.

His BP also up and down.

We started to prepare for the worst and try to keep him comfortable.

Daytime he could be very normal and stable but problematic at night.

I am counting on Chinese herbs and supplement to make him less symptomatic.

I am thankful to Buddha for having my hubby alive at this moment. 

I wish the good health for everyone.

Stay “alert”. Cheers