Oh wow, what a dramatic change compared to last 2weeks! 

I must say that we continue to grow stronger and steady in accepting the truth. 

My hubby continues to have stability in his C & T (cancer & terminal) game and Doctors have come to a decision for continuing his TPN support and far more better, a Home TPN. 

A little improvement here, his antibiotic regimen has changed to tablet forms and the infection blood markers showed stable and under control. So infection & disease doctor granted him for all tablets form of antibiotics which gave a big move in our effort to go home with treatment. 

Social worker instead has bigger worry which is Home Support TPN’s cost at SGD 8000 / month excluding private nurse charges. Doc has required 2 caregivers as the TOP criteria for home TPN. They will test both of them and sign for discharge only when both of the caregivers approved for the assessment. 

My hubby has a PICC line, 2 drainages for the abcsess and stomach (in directing out the gastric juice). All of these has to be under great care to prevent infection, which is a common deadly cause of patient like my hubby.

We have approached the Nurse Maid option. Hire someone specialised in Nursing back in their country but also provide close care to my hubby’ condition like a maid stuff. I am glad to know that this option actually exists. 

We have reach all out in attempting the home treatment for my hubby. We are thankful that the Doctors are helping us now. The Cancer things, we have all agreed to let it be and wish the best of it. Although the medical oncologist did not being very hopeful for his prognosis but she still support on our wish. 

The financial is the most and last hindrance we are having now or eventually later. Our saving plus those insurance claim would last us not more than a year and I would certainly be happy for financial problem as it means my hubby survived Long enough! Haha! Good problem indeed! I am ready in getting a loan from my Father in law and the amount would be big for my hubby to survive another 10 years! I would really glad to have the loan. We might need to sell our apartment but my Son (6 yrs old) agrees that we do so. Haha! He is willingly to use the money for daddy to come home. I might need recording for he won’t blame me when he grow up! 

Our “touch” to Buddha has up to another level. I would cry in front of Buddha as I finally understand the way of life. Reading more Buddha’s scriptures, we have greater faith and confidence in leading our life. We both found more meaning of Buddha’s thinking about the earth following with the ancient China’great Sage believe. 

It is interesting to know that over few hundred years of ancient Civilisations of China, the emperor actually degraded people who involve in business. The businessman has the lowest grade of status in society. The reason of the fall of the dynasty was due to the diversion of such status level. Oh well, US has a businessman background’s president! 


Well, we both enjoy lots in reading the fellow Sage’s book. It really reflects a lots of current society situation now. 

So we are taking home leave now catching up the LegoMovie and foot reflexology sessions afterwards. My hubby looks and feel great. So do I.

March, will be a busy month! I look forward to it. 

So, until next time.


2 thoughts on “Stable

  1. Glad to know your hubby condition has stabilised!

    I think in Singapore there are some government welfare available, I think you can contact your local MP to ask if any welfare or assistance is available for you guys. Also check out any charity groups who can help you out like religious groups or cancer groups.

    Hoping you guys the best, infections is a (swear word). But from my experience having a private nurse has been worth it, learn from what they are doing and ask what to do in emergency situations.

    Hoping you guys all the best!


    • Hi SLee, thank you! I checked all possible help from social worker, there is but the amount of our home TPN would be too great and the fund would last probably lest than 6mths. We are digging out all our saving and we might survive for a good 2years. God I wish we really have reached that stage and I think my hubby would be stable enough for work?! Who knows? The worst case would be staying at hospital again, until we have fund to go home. Haha! I am thankful for what we have now. He has no pain neither suffering like few months ago. He could eat and chew food he likes but spit out afterwards. We have no complaints.


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