Surgery 2nd attempt

My hubby has been better after TPN nutrition, antibiotics control and drainage for the abcsess from the intestine perforation. He did several test and CT scan showed that he still has to go for surgery to solve the perforation issue. 

As he is actually feeling more spirited and better strength, he has more confidence now to go for surgery. 

So everything planned and I watched him being pushed into operating theatre. The doc advised all possible outcome from the surgery as below:

1) The bowel and the scar tissue has made the perforation locating too difficult, they will seal back as not to cause further injury. Clearing of the infection area might not be entirely done.

2) They clear infected area and locate the perforation. But they could not find healthy bowel for stoma.

3) They clear infection, retrieve healthy bowel for stoma but the length might be too short and he will need TPN still for nutrition. 

4) Emergency cases happened and he will be admitted into ICU.

We accepted all possible outcome and we were positive on it. 

So just one hour’s time he went into the operating theatre, doc called me for wish to talk to me. I was still thinking something must be good that they find out and to sort out with me. 

Doc told for they have bad news. My hubby had seizure after the anaesthetic injection, they quickly stabilised his condition and put him to sleep. So the worst case will be he will not waking up and fall in coma. They gave him 2hours time. 

I told them just put him into ICU if he is not waking up. Then I went for my lunch and waited for few hours later. I felt nothing and I was just chanting for him. I told Buddha. I will make good deed by action in every month and commit for vegetarian twice a month and please let my hubby wakes up. 

My heart has no worries and I felt calm. 

Just few minutes later, doc called that my hubby had awakened and everything seems ok. 

The moment I saw my hubby, I was still joking to him whether he managed to see Buddha coming to him? Haha! We were overjoyed that the best case scenario had happened. 

He went for MRI for the worry that the tumor had spread to his brain but scan is ok! 

So doc asked whether he keen to go for surgery again, he said absolutely. Just please change the anaesthetic doctor. Haha! 

Our 2nd attempt of surgery will be this Friday. I chant more for him and we want to recover from this perforation and get out of hospital quickly! 

Stay cheer!


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