Busy for claim

What a surprise that my hubby and I have been busy filling for the terminal illness insurance claim. The process is tedious and long waited. My hubby too has filling up his nomination for his CPF (EPF). He had just realised that he bought an income earner policy which will compensate for not able to work by monthly basic, which is an awesome pay out. 

Days in ward has been tensed. I actually started my night stay at hospital for about a week ago. These 2days we witnessed the 2 roommates who passed on, has been really hard. 

They struggled a lot when they were alive and became so peacefully quiet when they gone. Death to me, could be really peaceful. A relieve, to them and everyone else. Sun still arise, flowers blossom and life goes on. 

Soon their bed would be quickly filling in by other patients. 

We came to know several young man who in their 18, 19 had very aggressive type of cancer like sarcoma. 

We realised too nothing could be complaint for. We had 2 lovely boys and a happy marriage. Days in the ward like days we were dating. Stick to each other doing nothing but happy.

I am contented, so does my hubby. 

So a bit update for his condition. His swelling has reduced a lot after the TPN. He had a NGT for the gastric juice suction and the amount of the suction has been too much which is not very encouraging. 

However, he gain more strength now and able to do light exercising. We will do step by step and see how. Hopefully next Fri CT scan would bring us some good news. 



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