Confused – good n bad

My hubby’s leg and hand had started to swollen, some days it could be quite pain that stopped him from walking.

He was so upset and scolding the Doctors and Nurses. He wanted to go home. Doctor told that his condition will not improve and surgery won’t really help and she will approve for Hospice team to take him over which means no antibiotics and no blood test. She said further nutrition won’t help as his body might not able to absorb. He might progress from Hospice within 1-2 weeks when the infection takes place. But she offered too another 2weeks course of antibiotics and then restart the eating. 

My hubby was very hungry and he disobeyed doctor’s advice and took supplement drink, soy milk & coffee. He got pass urine and motion several times a day. 

So his swelling part pain had reduced as he is ok now with only paracetamol 2 tablets 3 times a day. He could walk further and have better spirit to talk to me for half a day’s time. 

I wish to let him have IV nutrition the TPN but the doctor kept saying that won’t help. I consulted Dr Radzi. He told us with surgery, my hubby could recover sooner but if without, the intestine could heal but it takes longer time. He advised that we focus on the infection control and IV nutrition (fasting) for the swelling to reverse. 

I told him the other doctor don’t think TPN will help. He said that is not true. 

So we decided to have a good 2weeks for the intestine to heal. A CT scan will show whether everything went well or worst.

I really hope that my hubby could hold on this 2weeks. 

I have always asked myself, is this the end or it is a new beginning?

Are we going to make it through or end here? 

Being hopeful is not helping, knowing the best and the worst I felt more calm. 

Let his body do its best. 


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