Counting days..

So my hubby’s blood work has improved but his back started to develop a swelling and showing red patch.

After CT scan, doctor advised that he had some gas collection and might caused by the holes at the intestine. 

They offered him surgical approach again to reverse the situation as the hole will leak out the bacteria towards whole body and thus causing him sepsis? He will be in coma once the condition got worst. 

My hubby told the doctor that he had enough of all treatments and he wanted to progress from here.

Doctor told me afterwards the infection is quite severe and his days are counting. Not even month, not even weeks…

I urged my hubby to go for treatment but the surgery approach comes with risk of infection too and we too worried for the worst case.

I am completely lost.

I could just follow his last will and do the best for him. 

Doctor told me another thing that progression from cancer might be pain at the late stage so if infection could let him slowly losing consciousness, it might be good for him to pass on too. 

What should I do? Where is my faith?


2 thoughts on “Counting days..

  1. Since you asked, I would respect your husband’s wishes. He has fought a hard battle. Asked on what the doctor said, further fighting would only bring more agony and not change the finale outcome. I know this is the decision I would want for myself.
    I am so sorry,


    • Hi Jimmy, I am so thankful being able to have know about you and following your blogs with lots inspiration. I am leaving everything to Buddha and he will be in good hand. Thanks for your wishes so much. Thank you.

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