Hospital days… New Year 2017

I hate the time stayed at hospital, it is so depressed to see other elderly patients who are very sickly coughing, yelling, and playing tantrum just like a small kid. Ironically My hubby has always be the youngest patient. 

I put on my make up and trying not to be sick or tired looking in front of my hubby and other patients.

It is really heart breaking to see my hubby in this condition. Chemo is really the most vicious treatment that we ever had. We believe we had hit the Mr C to millions death of its armies. But our Defence army too greatly impacted. 

I wonder we could stand for the next fight. 

I still remember we spent and celebrated 2016 new year in the hospital. I think we might do it again this year. 

Well, we are still thankful for we survived the days with Mr C for 12months already. We are no longer in fear but more steady and focus. 

Knowing that the survival rate is low but I  change the way we count, it is really interesting. We survived a year, 12 months, 365 days, 8736 hrs..

We understand too once you had or love in that moment, it is forever. 

Happy 2017 and stay strong!


3 thoughts on “Hospital days… New Year 2017

  1. Hoping you two all the best, I hope he responds to his treatment.

    Btw, are they giving him any medication for the diarrhea like Imodium (loperamide) or for his nausea?


    • Hi, my hubby’s diarrhea stopped and better marker in red and white. But he has to pass motion and eat before he could discharged. His bowel yet resume after the stop of diarrhea. Bit congested again.. Well wish him the best. Thanks for your concern.


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