Chemo, finally

We met Dr Radzi last Mon, my hubby straight away decided for chemo + hyperthermia combo for the next day. 

In fact before this meeting, my hubby had aggressive diarrhea which was like diarrhea in every half to an hour’s time for 2-3days. At first we thought it might be the side effect of the gastric drug, but I had different thought. I thought it was the Mr C that causing the aggressive diarrhea. 

He was greatly weaken with lower red blood cell, potassium and bone density. 

Before the chemo + hyperthermia, he had Vit C infusion and blood test to prep him for the procedure. 

The procedure is to increase the body temp to 40 deg C inside the chamber with temp at 55 deg C, hot! He will be sedated and inserted with NG tube, urethra and rectum temp probe, phew.. Doc found that his stomach was slightly congested again, so he expected that my hubby might vomit during or after the procedure and thus another tube was inserted through his esophagus to direct any output. 

I was in the room at times they increased the body temperature to 40 deg C and they stopped the machine and wrapped my hubby with blanket. His body temperature was continue to increase to 41.7 degC. They wanted to go 42 deg C but my hubby body was too weak to achieve it. 

This photo was taken when they waited for the temp to increase at 41.7 deg C. 

Then the chemo Folfox was infused via his PICC. 

The duration of the whole procedure was from 12pm to 7pm. When he started to regain consciousness, he vomited a lot without his knowing. Patient who undergo hyperthermia might suffered diarrhea and vomiting depends individual health condition. 

He was fully awake only at 9pm where he was warded for observation. He had lots backpain and discomfort but felt better after they removed the urethra and had something to drink. 

He started to vomiting at 2am and on off vomiting and passing urine. But he was able to sleep in deeply. 

He had a chemo pump with him and overall the side effect was bearable and not as bad as we thought. 

He had a TPN transfusion when he returned the pump 2days later. However, he had very bad vomiting and nausea throughout that whole night. He felt very weak and vomited all food that he ate. 

Hence we had him admitted to hospital today to have close monitoring. Luckily his appetite has improved a lot and not so nauseated. 

Overall, he has more confidence in receiving the next treatment and his tummy has soften a lot with lesser growling sound. We look forward to our next hyperthermia. 

Oh yeah, here to wish everyone belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!


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