Good and not good

Well, I have been busy preparing raw herb juice for my hubby. It is not tasting good and I might just vomit out if I were to drink it, oops.

The first few days, he was consuming at the normal dosage and nothing happened. But he started to have aggressive diarrhea after I increased the dosage. The diarrhea could last few hours and he was so shaken and weak. Not only diarrhea, he had one or two times vomiting too. I think the effect might just too strong for him. But we too noticed that he got better appetite and energy recovery after these few days.

He could eat more and have better sleep.

Before we could be happy for this good “side effect”, the pain started. He could actually point me the tumor area that had a lot of pain. We were terrified as this is probably the first time he felt pain from cancer. I got some pain relief method from my support group but Panadol is probably working for him faster. 

The following weeks, he had this pain just after drinking the herb juice. No juice no pain. Well the friend who had experience in using this raw herb juice advices that the pain is common especially for those had tumor. The tumor was attacked and probably “dropping out”that caused the pain. He also said that my hubby might have bloody stool or whitish stool later which means the good sign.

Actually we had been using alternative methods for months, I would say none of them really works. The cancer babies just growing more. 

Some of them are actually using this raw herb juice to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy according to the records in the herb university and the results are wonders. I could easily spot out few success cases with detailed CT scan and blood test results. It is just amazing how the herb helps.

We also had our palliative care nurse visit this week. She helped checking out my hubby’condition and she comment that my hubby gastric and digestion actually had no issue, the intestines are working well. That came to our realise that the gas and wind issues had improved lots over these week. Although my hubby had some hiccup after eating raw sashimi, the stomach has been well function.

So whether it helps in my hubby’case, we will know it very soon by next week appointment.

My hubby stamina is still weak. So we set goal to exercise at our nearby park garden every morning for 21days, no matter storm or rainy days. Tomorrow will be our first day!! I think goal setting would bring us to a better days ahead.

So friends, stay cheers and focus!!


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