Expected Terminal? 

Yup, giving my hubby worsen condition at stomach, I urged him to get medical advise at hospital. 

He did a X ray showed congested intestines . He then arranged for urgent CT scan giving his stage IV appendix cancer history. 

So everything has come back. There are tiny tumours in his peritoneal which doc don’t bother to count and some significant one at intestine and bladder, again. Poor bladder. All these buddies pressurized the intestine and kidney. 

But still they are using NG tube to depressurize the whole system and let kidney and intestine to recover. Best scenario, he could start to drink and eat again. Worst, emergency surgery and if surgery failed he might given the terminal diagnosis and sent back home. 

Well, we asked if we did chemo 3mths earlier will the situation be better? Doc said, yes and no. Yes, it might not congested but does not mean the tumour won’t come back. 

Devastating, is not a word enough to describe our feeling. 

I really hate to have to hear from doctor’s diagnosis again. 

But my fellow friends, my hubby is actually getting better after this few days. 

I will update again. 


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