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Just a quick update for my hubby’s 10mths appendix cancer fighting days, he is still having bloatedness after meal and vomited at some occasions. Just after vomit out, he normally feel better and then start to eat again.

Be it SIBO or cancer triggered symptoms, we thought it will be helpful for us to test for food sensitivity in better management of diet.

Not to our surprise, the food sensitivity proved his leaky gut symptoms by releasing Immunoglobulin (antibodies) IGg to many foods intake. But to our surprise, he has very high elevated antibodies for EGG! Not only that, those foods that under highly sensitive category are Gluten, Yeast, EGG & Milk. Also some mild reaction to Cocoa (chocolate), Carrot (Oh No), Zucchini (Are you sure?), Apple (huh!), Honey (OMG)….

Then we checked back to his food diary and we finally realized that his vomiting was actually due to the food intolerance that body triggered flush out of the wrong food. Thats why we were so puzzled why he was like could not tolerate most of the food, because we thought the safe food (safe for cancer patient) is not safe for him. I think the surgery has really changed our body, so much.

So quickly we eliminated all trigger food. His vomiting has stopped but still feeling some bloatedness after some main meal. I think he just could not go for 6meals pattern as he tends to eat more during the 3 main meals that resulted bloating. Could it be the long cut/incision at his tummy? Just I tried to imagine myself, the tightness at the middle of the tummy. I looked at my own slightly protruding tummy, it is typical after eating! Haha..

Also we realized something rather important and we will definitely discuss this with our oncologist. His food diary showed that if he ever took the colon cleansing agent (Vitacleanse powder) that we shared in our last post, he would not vomit even though he ate the trigger food. He had some bloatedness at most. So I think we might get our oncologist to refer us to the GI doctor who could help us out to figure out better.

Well, its time to face the reality too. My hubby’s weight lost has stopped and start to gain weight by 0.5kgs in 2-3days time. We did a lot of mind, spirit & soul searching about how we should be accepting all challenges and embrace it. We want to be a happy person till the day we gone.

We will update for some news. Good luck to us.



6 thoughts on “Food Sensitivity Test – Imu Pro

    • Yup.. We hope to find out about his GI health be it SIBO, gasyroparesis, IBS or other possible mechanical failure caused by surgery. Speaking of which, has your oncologist comment about your Gastric issue? Diet?


      • I actually did get a referral but the issue is that the waiting list to see a GI doctor is actually 2 months for non urgent cases plus apparently they don’t have the test available in my city sadly. My cancer center is located in a completely different private hospital, so my oncologist isn’t able to do a follow up. I feel that some things like fat mal-absoption and fiber intolerance is linked with my surgery. But gluten, eggs and sesame might be related to my chemo, I am not sure for you guys though.

        I have dealt with it so far by keeping a food diary and simply avoiding foods that I think I am intolerant to. If you are able to do the test, it would be much more easier for you and hopefully by just cutting these foods out of his diet, it would dramatically help with his symptoms.


      • I see. Fiber slows down the digestion at stomach but if intestines bacteria is way too much, the gas generated will worsen the digestion. Apart from food intolerance, we are struggling for which diet will be suitable to him. Food intolerance has a accumulated timing like 5days so sometimes we are quite unsure about which is his real cause, could it be fat (he has removed gallbladder), fiber or protein (low stomach acid) and carbohydrate that thrives the growth of bacteria. It is tough. We tried elimination diet and he was about symptom free but we then face low calories issue. I hope we could sort this out soon and will update again.


      • I see. I struggled with the exact same problem until now too. The low calorie issues has been very difficult as well.

        I can suggest what I am doing now if you don’t mind, is to eat junk foods as well. I eat ice-cream and chips regularly and I don’t avoid deep fried things either compared to before just to meet my basic calorie needs.

        I think it’s best you see a GI doctor and a dietitian. Hopefully they can help you with the issue,

        I do advice he try to always eat small portions and regularly snack. Also ask for anti gastric medication to reduce stomach acid and Gaviscon Liquid (you can buy this over the counter too) to help get the ‘gas’ out of his stomach. Gaviscon Liquid has helped me so much with my bloated problems, it might help him too.


      • Haha, I am really happy to have found you. Well, we had changed our vegan diet to paleo, but we stick back to rice for the sake of calories. We suspected that he has low stomach acid instead. So far his gastric issues had solved but now is the small intestine area (bloat around belly button). His Bowel could vary from solid to paste texture, with flatulence and sometime no. We hope to do some test and I could share with you then. Thanks!!


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