Food for Leaky Gut

My hubby is still trying to gain weight. He could lose weight easily in a few days time for 1 to 2kgs. I noticed that his stomach is somehow growling quite vigorously, I am wondering how to tell that this condition is good or bad. I searched and read but could not find an answer.

His diet is still porridge and we noticed that he could not tolerate some grain either. Like millet. He is still feeling bloated sometimes after meals. I am wondering, if porridge also could not tolerate, what else he could eat? Is he at terminal stage to my horror? I tried not to think about it but it is uneasy by looking at his condition.

I think something has to do with the GI tract. I read more about leaking gut syndrome. I found a link as below that explained how his hospitalization days that injected lots of antibiotics and TPN feeding which bypassing the GI tract had caused him a much more serious problem, gut inflammation.

My hubby’s condition is rather similar to the gut inflammation that explained in the link.

I once read about a breast cancer patient who miracle healed from her terminal cancer via juicing as all conventional treatment failed on her. She died 10years later due to infection at her jaw, not only that she had parasite growth as well as mercury and iron toxication. The iron toxication was because her continuous blood transfusion during her bone narrow transplant procedure for 50days in ICU. I think the conventional cancer treatment that caused serious gut inflammation will eventually lead us to incurable stage that explained in the link too.

Further to the leaky gut searching, I read about something to my surprise about probiotic and grain.  Not all grains is safe for a leaky gut person.

Brown rice, millet and etc has the phytic acid, an anti nutrient property. It will bind with metal such as iron, magnesium that explained that vegan diet people has potential anemia problem. Well, my hubby has insufficient of iron! But after several reading, it is such a dilemma as phytic acid could be anti cancer agent too! There are studies showed that vegan diet could inhibit tumor growth too.

So well, what a new thing to know about.

So I changed the porridge from millet/brown rice to long grain white rice/quinoa. I think my hubby could tolerate it better then. I have tons of question now to ask my functional medicine doctor. I am eagerly wanted to knw my hubby’s gut health and the correct supplementation.

He has lots of gas passing and stomach growling but the gas odor is getting better. I hope that his gut is healing and of course, he is able to move around but needed a lot of rest still.

My biggest query, I heard some of the colon cancer patient has bloatedness issue, but why there is no help neither discussion about it? We thought that we might be unique as we did stoma reversal. But it should not be as chemotheraphy too caused the leaky gut problem.

Or again, it is a common issue to oncologist that we could only bear with it?



2 thoughts on “Food for Leaky Gut

  1. It is quite possible your husband has fluid build up in his belly. This can be drained, but may indicate that cancer has spread to the lining of his stomach. I would see your oncologist or medical doctor. Best wishes to your and your husband


  2. Hi Jimmy, thanks for your concern. We appreciate it much. We are soon on schedule meeting with oncologist but my hubby condition is improved after getting rid of the triggers (brown rice) which we never thought of. I had thought like what you suspected, but he is still doing OK. Not 100% of wellness but maybe 65%. So we might still want to observe for sometimes. 🙂


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