Interesting Fortune Telling 

A culture, a family tradition or a must do thing for a major matter happened or to be happened for most of the Chinese, is fortune telling. 

I did the 八字 calculation for my kids when they were born. The Shifu (master) will guide us about the kid’s nature and things to be careful for the kids well being. It is stuff like my eldest had to be careful on the road during 1-6yrs old time while my 2nd boy had to be careful during water related activities before 3yrs old. Indeed my youngest is quite fascinating about water. Anything has water attracts him deeply. 

Well, my hubby will be going for some trips by his own. We thought to be safe to ask for stuff to take care of rather to cope with uncertainties. 

The master explained to me further, more than just about the trip. Well we did not tell him but he already “calculated”. Sometimes, fortune telling can be quite accurate in terms of future stuff. Oh my.. Well people might be skeptical saying who does not go oversea, it is so predictable. 

Anyway, my hubby did not go with me during the meeting with Master for the reason we wanted to hear more about true stuff. Explaining to others is easier than to the person. 

He said: Your hubby “before life” was a person who held money in a very selfish way. He had little money but did not spend on family neither charity. He did not do so when he had a lot of money. At the end he died with lots of money saved in the bank. So coming to this life, he had no “good people” or “mentor” to help him neither people favours him. In Chinese Saying, a good fate person has a lot of good teacher, mentor, people who helps him along the way that will bring him success in life. So my hubby had bad fortune or spirits that regulates his money, judging from whether he is generous enough for families or charities. It was true enough that my hubby had always used up his saving when he got some by many channels that upset him a lot.

During end of 2015, it is year of Goat (wood). Wood goat is famous of its kindness to people and family. So it cannot withstand my hubby who also born from year of Goat but someone who was so stingy or ungrateful one. It has to punish him or to say to end his life. Well it almost ended him. So master said, he could survive is totally rely on the past good deed he done. 

So coming to 2016, he is getting better as the year of monkey has giving him new chances. He has to change, better treating wife & son, be a more filial son & contribute more to the society. He is best to be penniless as using all of his money in returning all the good deed. The money that saved by him won’t be accumulated, it will be used to treating illnesses or something bad. It is better to spend on accumulating his good deed. Stop receiving and start giving. 

Should he able to change, he will be able to survive until he is 45yrs old. His fate judgement will be due again. After the judgement, he will be either dead because of sickness as not enough good deed or he will be returned with all fortunes including his before life which means he will be successful. 

It was interesting when master said, he better has some installment for expenditure of family or kids as it will keep him alive, I mean not dying from the sickness. Haha.. Lucky he had one installment which is yet cleared. It is my kid’s studying material. Master advised too he is better to be thrifty for himself and generous for others. 

So after all, it was fun to listen to the explaining. We thought many points are true. As a Buddhist, we had to accumulate more good deed in this life be it for ourself or next karma. We have a saying goes :”To know our before life, we look at our present life. To know future life, we look at what we do in present life.”

OK, I think our cancer fighting days has slowly changed. Perhaps changing our focus will help his condition too. Setting goal, to contribute, to give & to chant more. 


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