Food & herb medicine 

Let’s choose food to be our medicine. 

After the good diagnosis from our Chinese Physician, I guess we managed my hubby’s stage IV appendix cancer in desirable way. Not to aim big for Ned (no evidence of disease) but able to conduct daily life with good spirit & strength level. Of course we want to improve it. But stability is the key for we do not want to further agitate our body’s peace. 

So below I would like to share for his daily “food” & herb.  

0600 – 2 x probiotic, 2 x Liposoma Vit C 

0630 – Vita Cleanse (premium grade psyllium husk, onion, dandelion root, Spirulina, plantago, endosperm, embryo & clove) x 2 scoops 8oz, followed by 8oz of distilled water plus some apple cider vinegar with Vita tab (rosemary, chickweed, cloves, plantain, Irish moss & corn silk extract) 

0700-0730 Digestive Enzyme x 1, breakfast

0900 – TCM herb medicine

1000 – Greens+ Vegan protein powder 1 & scoops 20g protein

1030 – Coffee enema

1200-1230 – Digestive Enzyme x 1, Lunch

1500 – Snacks (Nut butter, rice cracker, banana) 

1600 – Vita cleanse x 2scoops followed by 8oz distilled water plus apple cider vinegar with Vita tab

1800 – Digestive Enzyme x 1, dinner

1900 – TCM herb medine

2000 – 2100 Vegan Protein powder

2200 – 2x probiotic, Sleep

Meal : Grain (brown rice, millet, black sweet rice, Oat, buckwheat, sorghum, coicis semea & red lentil) in soup, porridge, stew, puree form. 

Vegetables : Pumpkin, Patato, spinach, carrot & others in season. Also added to the multi grain in puree form. 

Fruits : Avocado & little banana or apple

Snacks : Almond, walnut, cashew, pumpkin seed & etc

Daily must do activities : Walking under sun 20-30mins for several session a day & chiropractic session 3 times a week

The Vita Cleanse & vita tab is a debunking programme to promote overall wellness which required to take for 5-6months depending on individual. 

We had tried this way of diet since end July. We could see that he managed himself better emotionally & physically. Although he had some hiccup when we dine out, he threw out all the food and constantly feeling nausea for the whole day. I tried on peppermint & lemon essential oil to rub on his body, he actually felt better. But overall, we think that he will definitely improve and say No NO NO to outside food. 

But having said so, I got other terminal cancer friends who are still having 80% dine out without any problem. Yes her tumour are still there but everything like well balance. That’s good for her but maybe not to my hubby. 

To friends who are keen on Ensure milk like those dietician at hospital, please read this. You may not agree, but even Chinese Traditional Medicine is against it by how it further burdened the weaken body system. Not sure whether it caused recurrence. 

“I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal” – Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth About Ensure Nutrition Drinks

So until next time. See ya. 


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