Functional Medicine Assessment – 2

Just to recap for what the doctor shared during our first appointment. Dr Shirin Jacob wanted my hubby to work on his mental health & state down his daily diet for her assessment too. 

Mental health – create a safe area / room that he could meditate and achieve his mind & spirit’s Zen state. A place that he probably could have some plants, water fountain, music & etc. Find a phrase / sentence / chanting / prayers that he could instantly calm his mind via repetition. 

Diet – Continue for casein, gluten, sugar, soy free food. Eat only food that harvest with its original state. He could have Avocado as fruit exception and fish for meat exception. 

His blood test showed that he was actually lack of Iron (low hemoglobin too) and excess of Vit D. These deficiencies actually caused him a lot of fatigue. So he tuned down his Vit D supplements and had some iron instead.

After some talking, Doctor still emphasized on his emotional issue to promote his mind, body & spiritual health.  She encouraged him to stay away all negativity and throw away all negative thoughts and possible stop seeing doctors who he felt stress of. I was so grateful that she could ever mentioned this. I really admire her way of treating her patient out of “traditional” or conventional way. 

In fact, we met our oncologists (surgical & medical) before this. My hubby had feedback about his diarrhea and loose stool issue, the oncologist then told him for the possible recurrence and she wanted him to do the colonscopy by next week. He was pale and lost after meeting the doctor. I was so shocked for the repeat of colonscopy where we just had it 1 & half months ago. Is that truly a necessary procedure to do? I don’t think so. I am still feeling a lots of “sales act ” from the doctors, their feedback for cancer patients is as simple as recurrence possibility and thus arrange for all sorts of procedure to check. It is so suffocating. I believe my hubby’s body would definitely complaint too. Doctors always tell us, if you don’t do/check, it might be too late for the tumour will spread to your other body parts. Our reply : Yup, then no choice. As even we do conventional treatment, the tumour too will get spreaded. No one could guarantee for the tumour will not spread, right? Then they will just keep mum. See, no one could guarantee anything but we, our body is the one that bear all suffering and casualties. I rather to believe stopping the cancer environment for it has no reason to grow. 

Again, we told the doctors we need to rest our body for we have to deal with the side effects from the surgery. We need a peace, of our mind and body. Those treatments are not what we need, by listening to our body. So, we postponed the following appointment to not know when. We were so relieved after making this decision. 

We will be meeting Dr Shirin Jacob next month and she will schedule another blood test after 3months. We are now busy for a common room renovation. We were so looking forward to it. Safe house. 

Let’s repeat this. I am safe, my body is safe. I am well, my body is well. 



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