Daily life

We both stopped working ever since my hubby diagnosed with appendix cancer last Dec 2015. Well, we were lucky that both company paid us year end bonuses. Ha! Doctor encouraged him to back to his work which his boss so wanted him to do so.. But we did not want to take cancer lightly and decided to go for a 1-2yr’s work break.

We changed our 5yr old son to 4hrs kindergarten school from previous 7am to 7pm childcare center. It is indeed a wise approach. He has more time seeing the kid and more interaction between them. My mother in law has been helping to look after my 1yr old baby, but many times we share the job by bringing him upstairs n downstairs.. My in law stays in the same Hdb block. Haha! Conveniency is crucial in Singapore life.

Early morning at 630, we will be busy preparing for Gor gor (elder brother) breakfast & bento box for his school while didi (younger brother) messing around with toys. Didi wakes up very early in the morning. My in law will then fetch didi from us before 0715 which I will too bringing Gor gor to the bus pick up waiting area.

My hubby normally will start his day with ultra long magnetic wave chair. I will either go to the market for groceries purchase or watching some TV show together with hubby. He then will take a walk under the hot sun for 15-20mins after start the TCM herbs brewing.

Lunch time, my boy will back and we will help him with his homework (1 to 2 pages very easy kind). After that we will hang out at coffeeshop for tea break or just jalan jalan (walk around). I will then start preparing for dinner at around 5pm. That would be coming to the late of my daily days. My boys sleep early at around 8-9pm too.

Our top discuss topic now will be what to cook each and every day. Ha! 2nd topic will be what to buy next be it groceries, baby diapers or his diarrhea needs. 3rd topic will be where n what to do for this weekdays n weekend.

I always think that these cancer fighting days would properly be the best days in my life. We have lots of freedom that it is so luxurious to have over the past years. I really treasure it and hoping for better days in the future. 

My hubby is preparing for his QuoLin Camp trip on October and next year London trip. I have been urged him to plan for a short family trip with 2boys.

So whoever that reading this blog, please send me link of the adult diaper brand that works perfectly for people like my hubby, it would be much appreciated. Haha, thank you!


2 thoughts on “Daily life

  1. A great story Will. Keep it up and all the best to you and your family in Singapore. I am in Australia and it is winter here. Probably not much winter in Singapore I guess. As for what you talk about during the day, yes it is the normal things in life. We don’t want to talk about the cancer all the time, it’s boring and stirs up negative emotions. Do you think the magnetic chair is good? I know it might be a bit early to tell, but I’d be interested. Phil


    • Hi Phil, the chair could instantly reduce his back pain and he could fall sleep faster after 30mins of treatment. It might be the common benefit from heated treatment to our body for pain via blood circulation. As cancer patients undergo all sorts of treatment like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and prescribed medication, it is important for them to cope with side effects that accumulates over times. Hence, it is still a good investment and it can be used by the whole family. We will be doing our routine check at hospital. I will do more updates for his condition. Cheers!


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