Diarrhea & marker’s update

As we shared in last post for the bimonthly increase of CEA tumor marker, we were a bit worried but more confused for what we should do and what we could continue to do to control the cancer’s growth.

But again, we chose to stay focus and decided for ileostomy reversal.

Then we had mentally prepared for the cancer cell to grow further and things might get worsen after the antibiotics & drugs administrated during the surgery. It was not a easy decision when doctor warned for the recurrence.

So what’s happen after his reversal?

Dealing with 6-14times of toilet trips makes him physically weaken. He stays at home most of the time, no exercise, no Qi Gong practising but 15mins walk, no juicing as it creates watery stool (which means more toilet trip).. He stopped the bicarbonate soda after 6days as he started to have some backpain. We worried that the bicarbonate soda might burden the kidney function. As he left half kidney after the surgery, we realized that the kidney has more workload now. Before reversal, most of water input was directed out to the ileostomy bag, so I guess the kidney had lesser work to do.. Anyway, we barely remember about the cancer fighting remedies that we were so emphasized for but battling with the diarrhea control..

But good thing is that he could have normal diet, finally! We are so relieved for not to struggle for his low residue diet. We both enjoy a lot for home cooked food that we used to had before his cancer day. So what we continue to do is the TCM herb medicine & supplementation and the ultra long magnetic wave chair. Yup, watching TV most of the time. But we do more talking to each other, especially when we watched the Buddhist program that talked about death & life. Karma has more meaning and effect than what we used to think. Death too has more defination and I myself enlightened a lot in thinking of what we had endured.

So we had our monthly blood test again. This time we tested for his liver too. You may find the updated results in another page for tumor marker update. Guess what, the CEA & CA19-9 has dropped to around May’s results. His liver profile is also getting better and better!

Although the marker is yet to be normalized but we are pleased for the marker is not recording another new high. The tumor doubling time is prolonged from 3.4months to 4.4months! I think letting the colon to work really help somehow, I told my hubby we must work harder now to stretch the doubling time to years! Our plan is continue with 7 or 11 days of BSMS (Bicarbonate soda + molasses) and vege + fruit smoothies x 1L everyday.

Recently we researched about the functional medicine and got a clinic in Singapore which consulted by a famous doctor here. The appointment schedule is only available on August 2016. I hope we could get a good advice from her.

So friends, stay focus & stay cheer.



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