Resistance + Impact Exercise

I am so overwhelmed to read about the latest research for exercise beats cancer as links above which further explained by the Youtube video. More research data is compiling and we hope there will be more update in near future.

I realized that apart from practicing Qi Gong, my hubby has yet introduced any exercise in his daily fighting life. Main reason is because of his 27cm long wound after surgery and we used to think the Qi Gong is the best for cancer fighting.

Through the video, it has an animation that really excites me a lot!! The Natural Killer cell that “bombed” the tumor cell upon the call of Interluekin 6 released from our muscle during exercise! It also showed the tumor growth in the both control & exercised mice’s liver. Tumor cell, in the black color. Why cant “you” in other colors?

It is crucial whether we have high muscle level but more importantly is EXERCISE.

Also through the research done by the physiologist together with the oncologist, they found that resistance plus impact exercise could greatly help in prostate cancer patient who lose their bone mass during chemotherapy that caused osteoporosis.

So what are we waiting for?? We are in trampoline + resistance band..





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