Tumor Doubling Time

I read a book from a Japanese doctor that mentioned Tumor Doubling Time (TDT). I googled and searched below.


The excel sheet will tabulate the projected tumor marker (CEA) doubling time in day, month & year. It has a chart showing the actual value & theoretical value.

The TDT from hospital is shorter than the GP Clinic. So this is another monitoring that I kept in my tracking file.

Doubling Time
GP Clinic Hospital
Day 117 Day 62
Month 3.9 Month 2.7
Year 0.32 Year 0.17

I personally think that we should look at the speed of the growth for our beloved cancer friends instead of uptrend/downtrend. If the cancer took 2-3 years to be doubled, doctors normally wont suggest any treatment.

So looking at TDT of 117 days considered “mid-aggressive”which means the 5years survival rate probably at 30%. Breast cancer normally range within 60days termed as “aggressive” will give a lower 5 year survival rate at around 22%.

Thinking back, my hubby actually took the risk to take CT Scan was because of the ileostomy reversal to check for the resection’s recovery. Since the damage is done, we decided to proceed for the reversal and amplify the salvation.

Colon enema is the next that we think will help him in relieve his reversal discomfort as well as colon detox, the headquarter camp of our cancer friends.

I hope my findings help. Will update again.





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