The Ugly Truth

So we got our blood test results from GP clinic. Just to share that we both felt great this time and excited to know how the result will be or how low the CEA would be.

I tabulated the results as below.

Date CEA <2.50 CA19-9 <37 CA125 <35
8/2/2016 5.9
8/3/2016 7.7 244.0 14.0
8/4/2016 7.3 218.0 11.0
10/5/2016 11.8 330.0 16.0

All went up high~~~~ or rocket into the sky! So we discussed & tracked backwards for what we done during Apr. We realized that what we did has making his condition worst.

—> CT Scan

But we too noticed a 2mthly jump of CEA ever since MOAS. I think we failed somehow in controlling the cancer growth.

However the test would be more conclusive if he did not have CT scan. As observing his liver profile, his bilirubin level too shooting to double compared to these months. The CT scan might double up the markers judging from past month trend.

So while we trying to figure out for more clues. I read from the website below.

You may read more from the website. But below is the “ugly truth”..

  1. You can clean yourself out and build yourself up as much as possible, but your cancer will just get cleaner and stronger along with the rest of you.
  2. You can amplify and stimulate your immune system as much as possible; in fact, you can shoot it out of a cannon or rocket it into space, but it will just fly right past your cancer; it won’t even see it.
  3. You can bomb, strafe or nuke your cancer until it is undetectable, but if you did not clean yourself out and build yourself up, and if you did not amplify and stimulate your immune system, your cancer will come back like an invasion of vampires.
  4. To create sufficient immune memory for a durable remission, your immune system needs to be involved in clearing your cancer, so it needs to be big and strong.
  5. Your tumor-infiltrated tissue needs to call your immune system for help and tell it what kind of help it needs, so it needs to be clean and well-nourished.
  6. Your immune system needs to see your cancer, so your cancer has to be wounded periodically (your immune system homes in on wounds).
  7. “Danger” means better cancer outcomes using off-the-shelf materials and common sense.

I think point no 2 might exactly explained our condition now. AAarrrggg… Our cancer friends has been enjoying the “firecracker show” from us… We were quite shocked in reading these but we finally understand the reason of high tumor marker. It also explained the reason of the recurrence for many cancer patients.

I think it is a wake up call for both of us. We will not give up but work harder.

We need to think & decide for the next action. Stay focus!!


2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. I am really sorry to hear this news. You might want to reconsider chemo if the side effects are not too bad. Chemo can lock the cancer back, but cannot cure your husband. But it may buy him time until immnotherapy for colon cancer arrives. Immnotherapy will teach his immune system to kill the cancer. He needs more time, chemo may help.
    You have my best wishes


    • Hi Jimmy, yes we are now still evaluating for the next move. Perhaps we are young & be more ambitious that we dont wish to buy time for him but a durable remission. But we know it will be a very tough journey at the beginning and staying on despite all the adversity. I used to think, if there is no drug that able to help him, we left our own body to rely on. So why dont we start doing this at the beginning? But we are actively monitoring for his progress. I like this phrase I once learnt about – It is not to be persevere when seeing hope but to be persevere and then you will see hope. I really glad to have your care. Please continue to update yours progress too!! ^_^

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