Body Analysis & metabolism

Weight had been an issue to my hubby and in fact we made lots effort tying to lose weight for better health since 2-3years ago. We actually bought an Omron HBF-375 for closer monitoring for his BMI, Fat%, Muscle %, Visceral fat as well as body age as a tracking to his progress.

His high visceral fat had been my concern as we tried many ways to bring it down but in vain. His body fat % and muscle % had been maintained at “Not so Healthy” level and thus his body age was around 51years old. His condition is termed as bad metabolism, I think.

Experts like Max Gerson shared that people with good metabolism won’t get cancer. In his study of cancer, the tumor cell that injected into lab mouse with good health condition found reaction like fever & inflammation as a way to get rid of the tumor cell. But the tumor cell that injected into a mouse with bad body condition like low immunity, thyroid or endocrine problem had tumor cell growth rapidly. He observed that the healthy cell has better circulation and functionality would cease the tumor growth.

Rest assured I wont talk about coffee enema.. but metabolism 🙂

I saw the differences in myself & my hubby mainly in our metabolism. Reason that I could lose weight easily via higher muscle mass and lower fat %. Higher muscle % will improve the metabolic rate and thus burn the fat faster. I merely take more protein / low carbohydrate or exercise to achieve that. But I found that he got really hard in achieving this. So I used to quote him had a bad body metabolism.

So I used many ways to understand better of his body reaction. I took down his progress using Omron body analysis machine and see below.

Date Before Weight, kg BMI Fat % Muscle % Visceral
Body Age
Nov-16 81.2 28.1 30.0 28.0 16.0 51.0
7/2/2016 90days 67.6 23.4 30.2 29.7 8.0 43.0
8/3/2016 60days 61.9 21.4 30.1 30.2 6.0 38.0
7/4/2016 30days 60.4 20.9 24.9 31.7 5.0 34.0
30/4/2016 7days 61.0 21.1 21.0 32.8 5.0 33.0
6/5/2016 1day 59.8 20.7 20.6 33.0 4.5 31.0

Yes, he is a bit skinny now but more fit looking. I am glad that based on this analysis, his body composition is actually improved a lot. I will see if any correlation compared to the cancer growth too. Hopefully good results coming soon.

Just to share for those who might be interested.


2 thoughts on “Body Analysis & metabolism

  1. I think it is very good to reduce fat, increase muscle. You have made good strong progress! It will make you husbands body stronger, always a good thing. It may help him diminish the side effects of cancer treatment. However I have very good metabolism, a very strong immune system and I still got cancer. I have had chemo now for a year, my white blood count has always stayed within normal range without the need for any medication to boost it. My platelet count has also been strong and normal. However I still got colon cancer. My body is withstanding chemo treatment well. I am hoping that I can prolong my life with chemo until immunotherapy is available for colon cancer.


    • Hi Jimmy, yes you do and I admire lots on your fighting spirit!! Way to go, Jimmy. We are truly blessed to have you as “cancer-mate”.. Haha!


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