CT scan & blood test with Medical oncologist

We had shared in last post for our first CT scan after MOAS, it has not shown any significant recurrence evidence despite the elevated CEA & CA19-9 marker.

We met our medical oncologist to discuss about to chemo or not to chemo, again.

Prior to the meeting, we did another blood test. I tabulated the results over the few mths as below.

Date CEA <2.50 CA19-9 <37 CA125 <35
8/1/2016 16.6 255.0 109.0
25/1/2016 5.4 75.0 20.1
17/2/2016 11.1 130.0 23.5
12/4/2016 16.6 172.0 11.6
29/4/2016 17.3 160.0 p(^o^)q 10.9

Good news is the CA19-90 has finally started to drop! So we are now left CEA which still showing upward trend (hospital results). Understand that different laboratory gives different results. The marker trend should be monitored from time to time for data collection. In other words, we need to observe the marker progress from months to months before coming to conclusion. I had met many cancer friends who started chemotherapy or surgery right away for the elevated marker level, even without a CT scan or further verification.

But bad news is the medical oncologist had informed that after their discussion with the radiologists, they believe that the cancer tumour has back and started to grow. So she advise us to start chemo asap. We gave the same answer, No again! We wanted to give our body a chance to fight or to stabilize. We believe that we still need some times. If the chemotherapy is a palliative to his condition, we rather start late than now. I read several sharing, many of them started chemo and ended in 3 years time. They ended with body collapse.

If chemotherapy works for my hubby, it will work whether now or later. If it wont work, it will only jeopardize his condition now. We worry that the cancer might come back with a higher resiliency and it will be too powerful for our immunity army to take it down.

I read a chinese oncologist saying that our immunity army will contain the cancer cell from metastasis. But surgery & chemotherapy will kill these immunity army first before the cancer cell and then the survived cancer “army” was released free to venture to many places.

I was a sales person. I felt the whole conversation was out of closing the sales. I told the medical oncologist stop getting the junior doctors to call us for appointment confirmation and sounded as like we are not getting proper treatment. It is exactly like a sales follow-up call. Also I am puzzled why they don’t just state the CT scan report as recurrence. All recurrence statement is more like a threatening or out to scare us. The medical oncologist was not confident that chemo will help us and she showed little “disappointment” than worried after we rejected the chemo. As in she did not manage to close the deal as her boss wanted her to. Haha. Am I thinking too much? But I always have good sensitivity towards ppl’s reaction.

So its time to go our GP clinic for routine blood test. I will update later.


4 thoughts on “CT scan & blood test with Medical oncologist

  1. hello, I am also a STAGE iv colon cancer patient. Your comment about immune armies does not correlate with my information. Cancer cells are NOT attacked by our immune system because cancer cells are our own cells but have muted. Our immune system is not aware of the mutation so they leave cancer cells alone. Immunotherapy is new therapy (not yet used for colon cancer) that tricks the immune system to attack the mutant cancer cells. Former US President Jimmy Carter used immnotherapy on his brain tumors and they were gone in a few weeks.
    I am also using palliative care to balance life quality with quantity. The immune system is usually weakened by chemotherapy so that it cannot fight other infections, so I agree you must be aware of the “cost” to your body of chemotherapy and weight that cost versus the potential gain using chemo against the tumor. I am using chemo for 12 months and hope to last long enough for immunotherapy which has the potential to cure me. Every case is different, I wish you good luck.

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  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Sorry for my incorrect information. The army might not exist but I somehow choose to believe that it is there. Ha! I read about many cancer patients who successfully turned to remission via juicing, meditation, religion’s believe and etc. I like to believe that our body has self heal ability by giving them the optimum healthy condition. I have friends here who are Ned from colon cancer Stage 4 for 5yrs, too survived without chemotherapy. Yes, every case is different and I hope we are the one survived using the Natural approach. My hubby dread of chemotherapy, he is mentally and physically not ready for drug. I am glad to hear from you and read your post. We want to travel more too!!


    • Hi Will, it’s great to read your blog and follow the agonies you experience as you try to make sense of a nasty situation. I did have chemo and radiation for my advanced colo rectal cancer with lung metastases, and these treatments helped to set the cancer back quite a bit. I am now using many types of natural methods to improve my immune system and make my body unattractive to the cancer, trying to convince it to leave me alone.
      It is a real dilemma, and there are no clear answers either way. It is mentally and emotionally challenging.
      All the best and keep trying hard, Phil


      • Hi Phil, glad to hear from you. It is indeed challenging to focus despite all sorts of opinion , scan, studies and “stories”. Say yes to chemo seemed easier.. But I hope we find ways to stabilize the cancer’s growth.. Not to seek cure but a balance.. I think you are doing great and please continue to update us 🙂

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