CEA Cancer Marker & Liver function Tracking

This is the tracking from pre/post surgery and recovery. You may read how surgery stressed our liver and takes us month to recover. The blood results for Feb, Mar & Apr was done at our GP clinic as I am getting more skeptical about hospital results. It is better to always get 2nd referral.

Yes, the CEA & C19-9 increased rapidly right 2mths after surgery on Mar blood test. We were devastated when we read the report because the liver profile was also quite bad.

Recurrence? Maybe. As we already read that any surgery might “explode” the cancer cell and let them attack you when you were weaken. So nothing to be surprised. Regret of rejecting chemo? No, we are still quite firm about it. Our body needed rest, so what the cancer came back? Our body was weaken, low nutrition (Ensure milk? Pls dont be naive) and cancer is the only strong cell in the body. Their growth is in expectation.

We continue to do what we think its right. We actually live more happily than before by accepting the fact of being cancer patient and believe in cancer as a friend.

On early Apr, we did another bloodtest to countercheck hospital results. We were thrilled that all the CEA & rest marker has drop slightly and the liver results are in normal range. My hubby liver has start functioning again. Detoxification & immunity is critical now. We believe that if liver and immunity system is working at optimum, cancer wont be able to grow in very rapid way (his appendix cancer is an aggressive type). Our body has the greatest army to balance the peace (between the growth of normal cell & cancer cell). So feed your army and power them up with antioxidant & phytonutrient, the grenade!

Did doctor check for your detox & immunity function? I guess no. So how well they know our body?

Coming to Apr, its time to talk about reversal. We did another blood test at hospital today. I will update again in next post.


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