Cancer diet, TCM herbal medicine & 郭林气功

My hubby’s ileostomy made his cancer diet a more challenging one.

He needed lots raw n fresh food for his cancer diet but we were hindered by his restriction of fiber intake.

What we could get those lifesaving enzyme is only via fresh vege and fruit juices. During his recovery, I made all sort of juices mixed with seasoned fruits n vege but mainly carrots and apple as based.

Moving to his no improvement in CEA, I cut down fruits for its sugar level and give more vegetables. Combination nowadays will be carrot or beet, green apple, celery, and spinach or red cabbage.

Breakfast to dinner, he normally has egg, bean curd, potato or millet with juices.

He got himself more spirited was when he started the TCM herbal medicine. We went to Thong Chai Chinese medical hall and was prescribed with a 5 days herbal medicine. We went back for check every week. It is already coming to the 3rd weeks.

Another milestone when he felt better was after practising the Guo Lin Qi Gong. I myself tried it and felt more alert (instead of sleepiness) after just a 5mins practise.

I read about Guo Lin. It was invented by Madam Guo Lin who had ovarian cancer and got herself recovered with her invented Qi Gong. She then stepped out and taught million of them throughout the China and SEA. She died in 71 yrs old. Many of them who practised got their cancer into remission, in first or 2nd remission. I felt very much encouraged after reading the sharing.

Buddha, please show us and guide us. We thank for everything.


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