Rejected Chemotherapy

We were advised by oncologist for the 6months chemotherapy with Oxaliphatin and Xeloda. She advised that my hubby case was so rare and they have NO statistics to refer for the effectiveness for this treatment but still, she mentioned all possible side effects whether temporary or permanent one as well as the chemo management.

She asked why we hesitated for chemotherapy.

She looked at the increased CEA (5.40 to 11.30 after 6weeks post surgery), she required us to do another CT scan. Ironically we did a blood test 2days ago, the marker was 5.90. What a big different. Was this conclusive enough?

We reluctant too for the CT scan as he just did numerous scan Dec – Jan but she insisted for an appointment.

Well, we skipped that appointment afterwards.

Yes, CEA was not on our side. But we really think that we should not continue to provoke the cancer cell. We must build a stronger immunity and balance the both immunity and cancer growth.

We might be wrong. We might be defeated. If cancer were to win, God has its own way to show and it will be his destiny, my destiny.

We are not rejecting chemotherapy as a treatment but the pursue to further treatment after a major one. Yes the oncologist mentioned that it will be most effective now or never.

We wanted to make peace and I wanted to see my hubby’s recovery.


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