Diagnosis of cancer & Surgery

Appendix cancer has various type. Pls Google or Wikipedia.

My hubby’s cancer is termed as Metastatic Appendiceal Mucinous Carcinoma, so hard to remember and pronounce.

So his medical report stated that he underwent cytoreductive surgery, right hemicolectomy, anterior resection, resection of right pelvic mass enbloc with right ureter, trigone of bladder and right seminal vesicle, bladder repair and bilateral ureteric reimplanation.

He had HIPEC with Mitomycin dose 23mg, temp 40 deg C for 60mins. He had a stoma bag, chest tubes and 4 drains with the PCN when admitted to the ICU.

At ICU, he had oxygen supply, NG tube to drain the acid and a stoma bag (ileostomy), PCA morphine for pain management and TPN for the nutrition. Of course, antibiotic & other IV drug to prevent infection.

He was swollen with the fluid that given to ease the dehydration and he could not talk much during the first few days.

He then slowly recovered with the drain taking off one by one, NG tube at POD (post operation day) 22. God, it really took us sometimes. He was finally allowed to feed with soft diet on POD 23. YEAH!!!!

He was discharged stable and well on POD 26. We could at least celebrate Chinese New Year!! Year of Monkey, I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Pre operation – CEA tumour marker : 16.90

Pre operation – CA125 : 109

Pre operation – CA19-9 : 255

Aft operation – CEA : 5.40

Aft operation – CA125 : 20.10

Aft operation – CA19-9 : 75


And not forgetting.. the scar of 27cm long!!!!! The legendary “centipede”…


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