Blog from Cancer Survivors

As Google “kaki”, we read blogs from Cancer patients / survivors (they were once as survivor).

1) Shin who diagnosed with advanced Breast cancer

2) ML who diagnosed with Breast cancer

3) Chris who survived from colon cancer Stage III without chemotherapy. It has been 12years ago.

4) Jessica who diagnosed as stage 4 appendix cancer.

5) Appendix cancer survivors support community

More to read…

I read the blog with lots of hope at the beginning. The more I read, the more despair I was for how they suffered through the treatment. It really sadden us sometimes and we cried for the patient.

I started to think whether we should start blogging.

But ultimately if our findings and ways of treatment would be someone’s reference or guidance, it will be wonderful if we had helped someone.

But I apologized for my “limited” English. I try to make my post a more straight forward one.

Enjoy reading!


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