The Mother of All Surgery

The big day that we anticipated had arrived.

I reached at hospital super early and watched my hubby went in to the operating theatre.

A night before I was still asking myself, should I ask him – where is our safe’s key, I forgotten.. What’s your email password and bank card pin? I didn’t ask eventually. I guessed that was silly. Haha!!

A long long wait.. I had a few moment which I felt fear and hopeless. I imagined for bad things.  I tried to figure out life after surgery. From 830am…. Til 1020pm.. Whoever called me during this period was scolded by me, my phone was only for Doctor’s call. I was exhausted but pleased to know at least he was doing the debulking and possible HIPEC.

1023pm, I was munching some bread while waiting. Phone rang and call from Dr C. I was so nervous that could not hear her correctly but overall the surgery was successfully removed the tumours and no visible tumours around other parts of body. He lost a lot of blood and thus will be in ICU for few days but typically patient with debulking surgery would send for ICU for 1-2days monitoring. Big relieve!! Thank God for everything.

Thank you!


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