Appendicitis to Appendix cancer stage IV

Doctor had advised that my hubby was appendicitis but a bad one. The appendix was swollen and burst which released fluid to the abdomen.

They gave him antibiotic and inserted NG tube to ease his bloatedness. He had something light to eat.

Another team of doctors from Urology too advised that he needed to do a procedure called PCN to direct the fluid out from kidney. The appendix had blocked the channel which they afraid that his kidney might start to swollen. Hence in order to protect the kidney we had no choice to proceed the procedure.


PCN tube and bag

We had a little hiccup when we were discharged and found out he vomited all foods n drink. The PCN bag showed blood color. We back to the hospital in the next day.

Doctors inserted back the NG tube again after he suffered a more serious pain. We been waited for treatment advises as it seemed like the antibiotics had not worked to reduce the swollen appendix. We called the consultant in much frustration. He then advised that it might be appendix cancer which they need to discuss with tumour board for next action.

We then had another hiccup where they tried to remove PCN and internalized the tube but the procedure failed because my hubby had bleeding. He was warded to High dependency ward for a day monitoring. That was really the first time I felt fear.

We started to lose confidence and became more worrying for the delay of treatment. We wanted to change hospital or at least get 2nd opinion.

The consultant finally back with final board discussion. Biopsy -> small cut If reachable to Appendix -> Cancerous -> Chemotherapy -> Surgery.  The consultant then helped to get 2nd opinion at Singapore General Hospital NCC (National Cancer Center).

NCC came back with surgery approach which the consultant encouraged to adopt. We also thought it should be the correct way. Be it cancerous or not, the appendix had to be removed.

After transferred to SGH, we were arranged a family meeting with Dr C. She did an overview with us. She drew out those tumours area and how she would do removal and possible complication. My in law, brother in law and my hubby was stunned in the way she would cut and remove all body parts even though the tumour is benign. She sounded confidently and how the surgery would help. She categoried my hubby as stage 4 if the tumours were cancerous. After all tumours removed, they will run HIPEC. If the tumours were too many, she will then removed only the major one (problem causing one) without HIPEC.

I Google, the success rate of the treatment for appendix cancer lies on the surgeon. The surgery is called cytoreductive surgery also named “mother of all surgery”. HIPEC is a latest abdominal chemotherapy that allowed higher dose of drug to deliver to the abdominal cavity with lesser side effect (unlike conventional IV drip to the body).

A group of younger surgeon visited my hubby excitedly and in high spirit. Emm..


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