Bloatedness & high blood pressure

My husband, BMI 28.0 has been controlling and tracking his blood pressure. Ever since the born of baby T, we discovered a huge spike in his blood pressure. From 120-130/89-90 to 150-160/90-100. We thought it was because the shortage of sleep and more pressure built up for taking care 2kids.

I told him something must be blocked and the body tried to break through, he was in great dismay and asked me not to sound frightening. Added to the high blood pressure, he started to feel easily full eating smaller meals.

However, few weeks later he felt bloatedness and sometimes was painful. He went GP clinic and prescribed with gastric relieve medicine.

His condition had not improved. On and off he suffered bloatedness. He went Thong Chai (同濟)and he felt better with the herbs prescribed.

I Google, I told him this bloatedness might due to gastric malfunction or blockage at intestine. But we wanted to monitor first before it became intolerance.

18 Dec 2015, I called hubby and he took Mc and he got more serious pain. I urged him to do thorough check at hospital. We then met at hospital. All checks went well and until x-ray showed abnormalities that he required CT scan which he needed to be warded.

I had not sleeping well coping with a toddler, baby (breastfeeding) and a sick hubby. Year end sales review was so so. Work is so far still coping well and I was very thankful for the team’s support.

I didn’t think much but try to rest more.






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